General Assembly of Glastieve

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The General Assembly of Glastieve is a political body in Glastieve that comprises the entire citizenry of the nation, used as a mechanism for direct democracy and for electoral processes. Every year in September or October, the General Assembly convenes to discuss and vote on non-binding advisory motions, submitted anonymously by citizens, which instruct the Cabinet of Glastieve and the Government of Glastieve to move in a certain political direction. Any citizen can attend and speak at a convention of the General Assembly. Once every three years, the Assembly elects the Cabinet, and has the power to pass a motion of no confidence in an Executive Councillor or a civil servant that is a member of the Council of State; such a motion requires them to win a vote of confidence from the Assembly within two weeks or be removed from the Cabinet or Government. The Assembly is also given the opportunity to speak and vote on reports from important civil servants in areas such as finance and foreign policy, and ECs are expected to give a speech at conventions.

In addition to these regular functions, the Cabinet and any other state body can give the Assembly a binding or advisory vote on a matter; this is almost always used to give the Assembly a binding vote on contentious legislation that was previously requested through a motion, and when used in this way is referred to as "handing back".