Geliko-Dal'noboyshian language

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Гелика-дальнабощыцкий язык
PronunciationGelika-daljnaboshytskij jazyk
Region Eiland
  • Balto-Slavic
    • Slavic
      • East Slavic
        • Russian
          • Geliko-Dal'noboyshian

Geliko-Dal'noboyshian language (Russian: Гелико-Дальнобойщицкий язык; Geliko-Dal'noboyshian: Гелика-дальнабощыцкий язык) – is a slang based on Russian language and Belorussian phonetics. Commonly consists of profanity and violation of grammatical and punctual rules.

Popular in society of Slavic micronationalists, this slang depicts hiearchy and even ideology of local community.


Native name is literally translated as "Geländewagen-Lorrydriverish". It appeared because creator of slang is interested in G-Wagens and occupation of lorry driver.


  • Boja – I'm disappointed.
  • V bojah protiv seks-moshyny i gomaseksualjnaga seksa – Homophobic activity.
  • Vsjo jasno – pidar iz Ukrajiny – In my humble opinion, that Ukrainian is a gay. [Real origin of subject can be another.]
  • Zavtro – Tomorrow.
  • Idi u mamki polezhy – Dear gentleman, could you please go away and stop disturbing me with nonsense you talk?
  • Nasasyvajesh – Stop your flattery, please.
  • Nea ty gomo vas i tak dahuya zdohnite vy shljubki – [Universal interjection which is commonly used as disproof of interlocutor's arguments.]
  • Ne bombi samotyk smeni – I highly suggest you to calm down and begin a constructive dialogue.
  • Pedriator – Homosexual pediatrist.
  • Prechina gomaseksualjnaja – I have suspicion that a reason of *subject's* behavior is his nontraditional sexual orientation.
  • Prechina vsegda adna – [Variation of the previous phrase. Symbolizes that any phenomenon, event or circumstance has only one reason – homosexuality of everybody.]
  • Tebja v rot jebali deminchiki[1] – Dear sir, as it appears, you was raped.
  • Sh'a – Now.


  1. Reference to micronationalist named Daniil Demidchik.