Gasconade Social Nationalist Front

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Gasconade Social Nationalist Front
Gasconade Soscil Nasconalist Front
PresidentAndrew Szemere
SloganOne land, one people, one God.
Founded4 February 2021
Membership  (2021)1
IdeologySocial Conservatism
Left-Wing Nationalism
Share our Wealth
Christian Nationalism
Political positionSyncretic
Official coloursRed, Black, and White
Political Offices in Gasconade
1 / 1

The Gasconade Social Nationalist Front is a social-nationalist, syncretic, political party, and it's the only political party in the State of Gasconade. It has very few activities as the only citizen, the Chancellor, funnels all activity through the state itself.


Founded on October 29th, 2020, the Gasconade National Front was the first political party in the State of Gasconade, it was the prelude to the modern social-nationalist party today.


The GNSF has many syncretic policies. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Anti-Abortion
  • Share-the-Wealth programs
  • Nationalizing the Central Bank
  • Pro-Unions
  • Pro-Gun