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Kingdom of Gallaecia
Regnum Gallaeciae

Gallaecian flag.png

Pro Deo et Patria (Latin: For God and Fatherland)
Capital cityClare
Largest cityClare
Official language(s)Latin, Proto-Romance
Official religion(s)Roman Catholicism
Short nameGallaecia
GovernmentFeudal elective monarchy
- KingHis Royal Highness Louis de Blois
- ChancellorPhilip de Clare
LegislatureCuria Regis
EstablishedOctober 2020
Populationaround 10
Time zone(UTC)
National animalLion
Patron saintSt. Nuno of Saint Mary

The County of Gallaecia is a micronation located in the Republic of Brazil, founded by Louis de Blois. The nation’s aims are to spread the catholic faith, and to restore the traditional culture and heritage that was taken away by modernism. The nation is an elective feudal monarchy led by a king. The official religion is Roman Catholicism. Freedom of religion is not present in the nation, albeit religious toleration for private worship is guaranteed, as well as for freedom of conscience. The nation has a Council, that mostly advises the king, and can pass legislation with the consent of the king and people. The king’s power is limited by the local (written or not) customs and laws.