Gabriel Sebastian

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Gabriel Sebastian
Residence Arkania, Ethosia
Religion Lutheran

Gabriel Sebastian is an Ethosian politician and journalist who has served as the Prime Minister of Wynnland, Leader of the Social Nationalist Front Wynnland branch, and Member of the Unterhaus. He was the founder and first President of Ethosia. He was responsible for the founding of the United Sovereignties and was a government official in the high ranks of the Libertalian Socialist Republic. Sebastian was also involved in the creation of Social Nationalist parties across multiple nations such as Ethosia, Wynnland, Gasconade, and the Sixth Aenderian Republic. Currently, Sebastian is the head of the National Union of Syndicalists and serves as a member of Parliament in the Dominion of West Canada. Sebastian also writes for the West Canada Broadcast Company (WCBC). He considers himself to be an Ozark nationalist and a proponent for the embracement of German-American culture.

Early Life

Gabriel Sebastian was born on November 28, 2001. He was born in a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri but lived in the small, southern Missouri town of Hornersville. Sebastian would spend the next 5 years of his life in Hornersville, but following the divorce of his parents, he and his mother would move to St. Charles, Missouri. Sebastian would grow to be 10 before moving to what he considers his truly first home in Hillsboro, Missouri. Despite having moved multiple times in his life, Sebastian's family was barely able to scrape above what would be consider "lower class" by American standards. As a result, Sebastian always did his best to worry about others and give to those less fortunate. In the 2015 however, he and his family were once again forced to move after the house they had lived in since roughly 2010 had burned down and was entirely unsalvageable. Sebastian's family now reside in Francois County, Missouri, in the capital of Ethosia.



Sebastian had determined to not only become a journalist, but a politician at a very young age. He currently write for the WCBC but also owns a part-time outlet named the Ethosia News Bulletin (ENB).

Political Life

Sebastian has served in many governments and founded many as well. Some of his most successful feats has been the time sat in the governments of the Principality of Caudonia, Libertalia, Kingdom of Wynnland, and currently, Dominion of West Canada.

Political Affiliations

Sebastian has been well known to subscribe to nationalistic and social-conservative policies but has acted moderately when it comes to topics such as homosexuality. Economically however, he has been known to follow in the footsteps of Huey Long while also tacking on some Syndicalist economics. Sebastian has denounced the lack of democracy and freedoms that come from far-right and far-left politics and has swore to ensure that, despite being a radical himself, will never turn his back on the ideals of a democracy.


Sebastian is seen as quite a controversial figure in the micronational community. His rather radical views on race, government, and other hot topic social issues in the modern world have affected the way others look at his actions. Sebastian is also known for publicly denouncing Christian Nationalism, Marxist-Leninism, Jewish Nationalism, and even some Far-Right Politics. This broad spectrum of criticism has lead many to see any cooperation with Sebastian as a catch-22 at times. However despite his criticisms, he has been known to work alongside those who he ideologically disagrees with for either the sake of stability or his own nation.