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Full members
Abeldane Empire and the Commonwealth ABE
Ashukov Federation ASK
Empire of Austenasia AST
Da308f42ff936ba49bff9d70a6be8ddd.png Edenic Compact EDP
Essian Commonwealth ESE
Marland national flag.png Non-Territorial Republic of Flammancia FLA
Juclandia JUC
Kingdom of Jupiter JUP
Republic of Mcarthia MCA
Mercia MRC
Novian Republic NVN
Azerty.png Popular Union of Occitania OCC
Empire of Paravia PRV
Kingdom of Sabia and Verona SIV
Shorewellese Empire SRW
Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg UBQ
Kingdom of Überstadt UBR
Socialist Commonwealth of Uskor UOR
Kingdom of Wyvern WYV
Provisional members
KMV2.png Empire of Mekniy MKN
Empire of Adammia ADM
Flagbreckfinal.png Kingdom of Breckland BRK
Kingdom of Imvrassia IVR
Flag of Legatia.png Legatia LEG
Former members
Principality of Beacon City BEC
Vlagcampinia.jpg Duchy of Campinia CAM
Kingdom of Coria COR
Grand Principality of the Danube DNB
New Flag Type B.png Republic of Drew Star Line DSL
Duaktoserija2.png Democratic Nation of Duaktoserija DKJ
Kingdom of Eniarku ENR
Republic of Glastieve GLS
State of Koss KOS
Confederation of Leylandiistan and Gurvata LYG
IMAGE.png Kingdom of Loquntia LQN
Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic LDW
Kingdom of Matai MTA
Principality of Monovia MON
Khanate of Nedland NDL
Nemkhav Federation NKV
Flag Nossia 2016.png Principality of Nossia NOS
Federated States of Noveria NVR
State of Sandus SDS
Kingdom of Skovaji SKJ
Empire of Pacem PCM
Reylan Imperial Triumvirate REY
Republic of Roseland ROS
Federal Republic of Stravinia STR
Republic of Vaarstead VRS
Wings flag.png United States of Wings USW
Imperial Federation of Zenrax ZRX
Liberty LBY
Kingdom of Madrona MDN
Confederation of Mahuset MAH
Universal Triumvirate UNT
Usian Republic USI