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The G-Party is the third oldest party in Groponigën. It has been run by three diffrent leaders, intially founded by a merging of MAID and GDDP the party was lead by Ponco Blackquill. Eventually he resigned leaving the party to Pjet Dorphus. Eventually he lost a leadership challange to Retro Gaming who eventually resigned to join Monarchists United, after this Ponco Blackquill retook leadership.

Political positions

Government Maintenance Party

Nothing more, nothing less. The g-party wants to keep the government clean of corruption and the nation clean of issues.


The g-party wants to keep the government free of corruption, by limiting the resources that are allowed to be allocated to elections, making sure that government officials can't raise their own pay during their term, etc.

Issue cleanup

Issues of the nation will be cleaned up according to the most prominent issues of the populace. What affects the residents always goes over what affects the corporations.

Direct Democracy

Direct Democracy is an essential part of keeping the citizens front and foremost at the helm of the government.


Another essential part of keeping citizens front and foremost at the helm of the government is equal rights and opportunities for everyone.

Moderation in Everything

A strong military, but not an authortarian one. A strong immigration policy, but not one that turns away skilled workers.

Election results

Reichstag Results
Reichstag 3
4 / 13
Reichstag 4
4 / 13
Reichstag 5
2 / 13
Reichstag 6
4 / 18