Fyrinian legislative election, January 2018

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Fyrinian legislative election, January 2018
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All 150 seats in the National Assembly
76 seats needed for majority
Turnout213,789 (75.3% ǁ 0.7%)
  First party Second party Third party
  Čuřík (cropped).jpg Novák.jpg Edenová.jpg
Leader Lukáš Čuřík Stanislav Novák Markéta Edenová
Party Social Democrats Initiative Greens/Libertarians
Leader since December 2017 August 2017 December 2017
Leader's seat Kir.–Çankaya II Kir.–Nebahovy IV Lipno n. Vl. II
Last election 71 seats, 41.6% 24 seats, 15.4% New party
Seats won 70 27 16
Seat change 1 3 16
Popular vote 92,789 36,132 27,366
Percentage 43.4% 16.9% 12.8%
Swing 1.8 pp 1.5 pp 12.8 pp

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  Samy.jpg Bilge.jpg Karam.jpg
Leader Ahmad Samy Ahmet Bakir Bilge Michel Karam
Party Civic Alliance Liberal Unionist Christian Left
Leader since September 2014 January 2017 July 2003
Leader's seat Şebinkarahisar VI Č. Budějovice XXI Kir.–Chouefiat III
Last election 8 seats, 5.1% 14 seats, 8.9% 9 seats, 5.8%
Seats won 16 11 10
Seat change 8 3 1
Popular vote 22,652 15,394 14,752
Percentage 10.6% 7.2% 6.9%
Swing 5.5 pp 1.7 pp 1.1 pp

FY I-2018.png
Winning parties in the single-member constituencies

PM before election

Lukáš Čuřík
Social Democrats

PM after election

Lukáš Čuřík
Social Democrats

The Fyrinian legislative election in January 2018 took place on 5 January 2018. This parliamentary election was the first election in independent Fyrinia. It was officially announced on 28 December 2017, after Czech parties' withdrawal of the National Assembly, however, it was obvious that election will be held. It was a snap election and it was necessary to announce it, mainly because of participation of the Czech parties in Fyrinian politics. Members of the Czech parties (more precisely members of the KSČM, the Pirates and the STAN) were elected as Members of Parliament in 2017 election, when Fyrinia was still part of the Czech Republic. After the declaration of independence of Fyrinia, Czech political parties couldn't be considered as legal political organizations in Fyrinia. Their mandates expired on 28 December 2017. All of MPs elected as members of Czech political parties resigned. That has crystallized as a lot of vacant seats in the National Assembly, so new election had to be announced.

The Social Democratic Party (SD), a senior party in a coalition governments since 2009, has won the election with 43.4% of all votes and victory in 70 single-member constituencies. Even though the pre-election opinion polls showed that the Social Democratic Party will win majority of seats, it has lost one seat, although it gained 1.8 percentage points. They have won 70 seats, 6 seats under the lowest majority of 76 seats. After the election, its chairman and PM-candidate Lukáš Čuřík formed a one-party minority cabinet occupied by the SD, however, it didn't receive a confidence of the National Assembly. He has formed a majority coalition cabinet of the Social Democratic Party and a socialist, far-left the Civic Alliance.