Fyrinian Creole

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Fyrinian Creole
Date19th century
Language familyIndo-European
Writing systemLatin
Official status
Official language inFyrinia

Fyrinian Creole, or Fyrinish (/'fɑːɪrɪnɪʃ/; Fyrinish: fyrinıš), is an unofficial creole language of the Indo-European family, used by Fyrinians in Fyrinia, mainly for interlingual communication. The language is a product of mixture of languages used in Fyrinia during 19th century, when Fyrinia was dominated by Czech-, Turkish-, and Arabic-speaking population. As of 2019, 550 to 650 thousand people had a knowledge of Fyrinish, while only hundreds of people claimed Fyrinish their native language.

Grammar system and pronounciation of Fyrinish is mostly similar to Czech language, while majority of vocabulary comes from Turkish or Arabic. It is used mainly in public for talking between language communities. The language enjoys partly mutual intelligibility with all three languages.