Duchy of Glaciania

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Duchy of Glaciania
Herzogtum Glacien (DE)

Flag of Glaciania.png
Coat of arms of Glaciania.png
Coat of Arms

Der Königgrätzer Marsch
National and Imperial Anthem
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Capital city Glaciania City (city state)
Largest city Glaciania City
Official language(s) English and German
Demonym Glacianian
Government Absolute monarchy
- Monarch Stephen
Legislature Reichsversammlung
- Type - unicameral
Established 30 July 2016
Area claimed 0.6km²
Population 3
Currency Trimole
Time zone UTC+04:00
Patron saint Saint Stephen (national and imperial)
Saint Philip the Apostle (imperial)
This is a federal state of the Abeldane Empire

The Duchy of Glaciania (German: Herzogtum Glacien) is a federal state of the Abeldane Empire. It was formerly a city in Abelden as Frostyland. It became a duchy on 30 June 2016 after a referendum. The current Duke is HIRM Emperor Stephen.


Golf course

There is a golf course on which Emperor Stephen visits regularly every month. Majority of the place is in desert.


The roads used for entering Frostyland is A5, also known as the Desert Road.