Front for the Liberation of Richland

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Front for the Liberation of Richland

For the People
Along with the People (Sung by RLFA Choir)
Capital cityState of Polis
Official language(s)English, Spanish, French, Italian, German
Official religion(s)Pavo Ordo
GovernmentPeople's Parliamentarian
- Executive OfficerRichard Vincent
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 6
- Last election - 2013
EstablishedJune 10th 2013
Area claimed>1km²

Official Website: [1] News Site: [2] (Deactivated after The Martyrdom)

The Front for the Liberation of Richland is a transitional government of the self-proclaimed oppressed people of yhe Republic of Richland. The FLR is limited to a purely cultural denomination of native citizens of Richland. Officially declared to have existed on June 10 of 2013, the FLR has existed fluidly as a societal component, as do most oppressed denominations, in the years after The Martyrdom, the killing blow to the spirit of Richland after a war with the Republic of Ultamiya. The FLR was created by insurrectionist factions which united from the ashes of the People's Republic of Richland. Below is a line from the Pavo Ordo, a religious document embraced by members of the FLR and enforced within its ranks.

The oppression inflicted directly on the native peoples of Richland, their culture so rich and their inherent will so strong, could only be perpetrated by the evil of David the First, whose corruption and cruelty defines our cause. But remember, child of the Ordo, these injustices against our people, historically oppressed, are only the most recent occurrences in the trials of our people...

— Pavo Ordo, the Crusades of Thor, IX

Military Culture

The FLR is fanatical and militaristic. FLR citizens tend to live fairly segregated lives, with their typical macronational affairs taking a portion of their lives with their role in the FLR being active but relatively asynchronous. Being a voluntary but intense socially clandestine group, and not a typical government or alliance, all members of the FLR act in constant military service as a part of their function to the greater good of the group. A connection to Islam is sometimes evident in the organization due to the native faiths of many members of the FLR, though the religion is neither embraced or judged by the FLR.

File:RLF Training.jpg
An RLF police conscript training in Polis. Notice the Islamic star, an individual mark of pride and not common FLR garb.

Composition and History

The main force of the FLR is a military section synonymous in many informal instances with the FLR itself, the Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Richland Contrarily, it is actually a portion of the FLR which operates military. Its size and composition is defined by its active citizens, which are all members of the FLR.