Friends of Menet

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Just before and during the Third War for Cyberian Liberation, the Province of Menet was aided by a diverse group of people which came to be called the Friends of Menet. Some of these were idealists, some were freebooters and soldiers of fortune. Most of of them shared an antipathy to authoritarianism and tyranny.

Many of the Friends were interested in playing a larger role in the affairs of the Province, and in Cyberia at large. The Provincial Government was involved in a number of disputes with the government of the Commonwealth at that time. Menet's adversaries in the central government attempted to force citizens on the Province of it's choice,(in order to subvert the Provincial government) while denying citizenship to the Friends of Menet.

Some of the Friends served in the Provincial Militia, and a number of them raised volunteer companies during the War. The intent of the Committee of National Salvation was that the Friends would be granted full citizenship.

After the founding of the Federal Republic of Cyberia, the names of all of the Friends who could be documented were added to the Cyberian Memorial to honor their comitment and sacrifice.