Freyan alphabet

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The Freyan Alphabet is a constructed alphabet used in Freya, devised by Vidhur in 2013 do to a severe case of Dysgraphia


  • Saraswati Lipi
    • Semetic Adopted Saraswati based Scripts
      • Phoenician alphabet
        • Greek alphabet
          • Etruscan alphabet
            • Latin
              • Freyan


A: A.png
B: B.png
C: Cfreya.png
D: D.png
E: E.png
F: F.png
G: Gfreya.png
H: H.png
I: I.png
J: J.png
K: Kfreya.png
L: Lfreya.png
M: M.png
N: N.png
O: O.png
P: P.png
Q: Q.png
R: R.png
S: S.png
T: T.png
U: U.png
V: V.png
W: W.png
X: X.png
Y: Y.png
Z: Z.png
Þ: T.pngH.png

Word Examples

"Namah" (common Freyan greeting): N.pngA.pngM.pngA.pngH.png


Mahakali Prodyugiki of Aryavart is typefacing Freyan Alphabet.