Freed Republics of Ahamo

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the Freed Republics of Ahamo
Motto: Tot Gentes, Tot Libertatibus (latin, Many Nations, Many Freedoms
No official anthem has been declared
Official language(s) English, German, Russian
Capital Hjo
Date founded 4 June 2018
Number of citizens 56 official citizens, ~200 Non-citizen inhabitants
Number of active citizens 37 active citizens, 12 active non-citizen inhabitants
Government Livery Democracy
Current leader Sofia Boctok
National animal Undeclared by current government

The Freed Republics of Ahamo, or Ahamo, as it is commonly known, is a Micronation located mainly in the Northwest of Greenland, with a small exclave in the US state of Nebraska. The country is a livery democracy, where the government is effectively run by the Livery Companies, which act much like many modern labour unions. The nation is divided into 6 regions, and 30 districts, including the capital, Hjo. The Current leader, Sofia Boctok, took power as acting head of state on June 4, 2018, a mere two days after Hjo was liberated from the old government, and the first democratic elections are scheduled for June 9, with Boctok favoured to win by a longshot.


Note: all information stated in this section is according to the Korol-to Constitution, as of June 2018

Head of State

The Head of State has the joint power, along with 2 other heads of government, to lead the nation's military, head the national assembly, and serve as the nations international ambassador. These heads of government hold the additional power to veto a decisions made by either the assemblies or the other heads of government.

National Assembly

National Assembly is responsible for making decisions regarding the well-being of the citizens of Ahamo, as well as important decisions regarding foreign relations. The body is to be elected every six months, from a national popular vote.

List of Heads of State

  1. Sofia Boctok- Acting ( 4/6/2018 - 9/6/2018 )
  2. Alexandr Skrivyako ( 22/6/2018 - 1/9/2018 )
  3. Sofia Boctok ( 3/12/2018 - 12/7/2019 )
  4. Leonardo Knibis ( 7/8/2019 - 14/7/2019 )
  5. Sofia Boctok ( 14/7/2019 - Present )


Old Government

Under the past government of Alexei Brotakov (elected 12 Sept, 2000) legislative action was taken to streamline the republic's police system. These acts kickstarted mass protests among the public, and eventually led to the formation and secession of several militant groups starting 2004. The Brotakov administration suspended the fall 2007 elections under the justification of wartime security, which only contributed to the unrest. Brotakov remained in power until the formation of the Korol-to Rebel group, which seized full control of Kjemmen, the second-largest city in Ahamo. Peras, another paramilitary group, isolated Brotakov's military in Hjo, leading to the eventual declaration of a ceasefire on 4 March, 2010. Negotiations continued until the seizure of the governmental facilities by the Korol-to rebels.

Rebel Groups

After many protests were met with military action on behalf of the government, and the successful seizure of the city Dravo, many rebel groups sprung up, including the three most notable, the Korol-to group, concerned with the religious repression under Brotakov, as well as the Tega Separatist Group, who wish to see the southern Tega region become independent, and the Cameyoj group, a radical far-right nationalist group that has been in a state of conflict with Brotakov's Military since early 2001.

New Government

The Korol-to rebel group, after taking the Capital, Hjo, has assumed the role of the Government, with the Old NN government holding only three cities, Bruzh, Kjemmen, and Liero.