Seigneurie de Virginie

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Seigneurie de Virginie
Lordship of Virginia

Coat of arms

Marchez, ô Virginie
March on, o Virginia (English)
Virginian claims in Red
Capital cityHomestead
Largest cityHomestead
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentCommonwealth (de jure)
Military dictatorship (de facto)
- Gouverneur généralDaniel Ebinger
Established18 July, 2012
(as Republic of Virginia)
14 April 2021
(Seigneurie de Virginie)
Area claimed32 acres (12.9) ha
Population7 humans, 5 tarantulas, 1 scorpion, one whip scorpion, 1 tailless whip scorpion, 1 cat
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Time zoneUTC-5 (Eastern Time Zone)
National sportSport shooting
National animalHeteroscodra maculata (Togo Starburst Baboon tarantula)

Virginie, officially Seigneurie de Virginie (Lordship of Virginia), is a province of the micronation Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta, based in the United States, within Middlesex County, a municipality bordering the Chesapeake Bay in the state of Virginia. A relative newcomer among the micronational community, it succeeded the Republic of Virginia, founded by Daniel Ebinger, who serves are the province's current Gouverneur général (Governor-General). Though a republic was declared in 2012, the province was reconstituted as a Lordship within Damariscotta on 10 April, 2021.

The Republic of Virginia, founded in July of 2012, occupying the territory of the current nation, along with exclaves in a nearby township, as well as the Appalachian mountains, was active for several months, with the project being effectively dead by the end of the year. Following a period of inactivity, the country was reconstituted as the National Socialist Republic of Virginia in January of 2019, before isolation from the micronationalist community, as well as pending military service for then president Daniel Ebinger led to the project again being abandoned. Following a rebranding attempt, and change in direction with regard to ideology, the nation was reconstituted for a third time in 2021, before being ceded to the Damariscotta, with Mr. Ebinger serving as the head of the provincial government.

Virginie refers to itself as an exclave of Damariscotta, and has taken the initiative with reorganization and training of the Damariscottan military with particular interest in the I'm working on setting up the Force de défense de Virginie, or Virginia Defense Force, which will be entirely made of the Force navale de Damariscotta, or Damariscotta Naval Force, Corps des Marines de Damariscotta, or Damariscotta Marine Corps, which serves as the Force de défense de Virginie, or Virginia Defense Force.


Virginie was founded on 18 July, 2012 as the Republic of Virginia, with Daniel Ebinger serving as interim president upon independence, and his sister, Elizabeth, serving as head of government. After getting in touch with the president of the Republic of Molossia, Kevin Baugh, Daniel was given advice for participation in the micronational community, as well as hoe to get started laying the groundwork for the fledging country. Afterward, the nation continued to be developed, however, lack of activity in forming a government, indecision with regard to how to govern the new nation, and waning interest lead to the nation going into dormancy.