Free City of Leicester

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Free City of Leicester
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Capital city Leicester
Largest city Leicester
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular but Christian values promoted
Short name Leicester or Free City
Demonym Foxes
Government Right-wing democratic republic
- Eternal Führer Oswald Mosley
- Chancellor Jonathan Oswald
Legislature Parliament
Established 27 October 2016
Area claimed 73.32 km2
Population 337,653 (as of 2011 UK census)
Currency None yet
National sport Football
National animal Fox
Patron saint Oswald Mosley

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Leicester, officially the Free City of Leicester, is a self-proclaimed independent nation (called a micronation by some) claiming the city Leicester in the British Isles. It was first proclaimed on 27 October 2016 by English Mosleyist Jonathan Oswald who was inspired by the libertarian micronation Liberland. There has been no diplomatic recognition of Leicester by any United Nations member state.





The native Iron Age settlement encountered by the Romans at the site seems to have developed in the 2nd or 1st centuries BC. It is believed that the Romans arrived in the Leicester area around 47 AD, during their conquest of southern Britain. Leicester was a Roundhead stronghold during the English Civil War. In 1645, Prince Rupert decided to attack the city to draw the New Model Army away from the Royalist headquarters of Oxford. Royalist guns were set up on Raw Dykes and, after an unsatisfactory response to a demand for surrender, the Newarke was stormed and the city was sacked on 30 May. Hundreds of people were killed by Rupert's cavalry and reports of the severity of the sacking were further exaggerated by the Parliamentary press in London. Read more here


Jonathan Oswald, angered by the British government's persistence to stay in the European Union and the Zionist policies the government follows, declared his city of Leicester independent from the United KIngdom on 27 October 2016 as the Free City of Leicester. The Free City of Leicester was founded as a right-wing leaning democratic nation inspired by the ideals of Oswald Mosley and Liberland. Oswald Mosley was declared the Eternal Führer, while Jonathan Oswald took up the role as the first Chancellor of the Free City. Jonathan Oswald also created the Free City's first political party, the New Party (inspired by the British New Party). The Free City is currently looking for citizens.

Government and politics

The Free City is officially a democratic republic. The country's head of state is the Eternal Führer Oswald Mosley while the head of government is a democratically elected Chancellor of the Free City. Currently, due to the lack of registered citizens, the Chancellor of the Free City has full authority over Leicester. However a constitution will be written soon. The country is a de facto single-party state due to the lack of citizens but once more citizens join more parties will be allowed to made (as long as they are right-wing and not Zionist). A parliament is also planned.

Political parties

Party name Leader Ideology Seats
New Party Jonathan Oswald Mosleyism
1 / 1

Law and order

Currently, the Free City follows the Ten Commandments as its official law. However this will change. In addition to this, left-wing ideologies are banned and so is Zionism.

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