Fraughtia Games

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Fraughtia Games
Founded8 December 2018
FounderJack Declan
Total assetsS/100
ParentPackerfan Studios

The Fraughtia Games (FG) is an event similar in nature to the Olympics. It is hosted entirely inside of Minecraft.


The FG was founded on 8 December 2018. The goal would be to bring Minecraft Nations closer by hosting a friendly competition. Currently, there is only a Minecraft Competition, but there are some plans to expand into other games in the future.

2019 CMR Fraughtia Games


The 2019 CMR Fraughtia games are the first event hosted by Fraughtia Games. There are 5 clans competing. They are: CMR, FMR, Stardust Enders, NecroPVP, and KageNation.

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