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Kingdom of Franksland
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms

Gott rette unseren geliebten König
God save our beloved King


Capital cityDoggenburg
Largest cityWaynestadt
Official language(s)German, English
Official religion(s)Lutheric Church
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- MonarchWayne I
- ChancellorWinston P. Koala
- Type - Unicamerial
Established6 March 2019
Population19 human citizens, 572 Plush Citizens census pending
Time zoneFrankish Savings Time (FST)
National drinkCoke
National animalWolf

The Kingdom of Franksland (more commonly known as Franksland) is a self-declared nation or more commonly known as a micronation to foreign observers, that is located in the United States. It is one of the few micronations that recognizes plush toys as citizens.



On June 28, 2013, the first ever war raged in the modern Frankish heartland between, The Boys and The Girls, in the Battle of Oxfordia. No causalities were reported, but both sides suffered injuries. The next day The Girls surrendered to The Boys. Which ended the first of two Oxfordian Wars. After which The Girls were forced to give all their territory over to The Boys, which created the First Oxfordian Empire, which eventually became; Gamerz. FoE was a major powerhouse around the neighborhood wreaking havoc on many of the other neighborhoods. The currently elected Emperor, Ayden, began to take it a little to far when he started throwing stones at some of the old Girl High Command members. Maximilian thought this was enough and something had to be done.

In 2014, Maximilian, Bryson, and Logan set out and created the Second Treaty of Oxford, which they seceded from FoE which by now had renamed to Gamerz. They created the Oxar Federation, whose Demonym would be Oxards. The Oxards would attack and breach all Gamerz forts, stashes, towns, bases, and arsenals. They would also be the first nation in the area to accept Girls within their ranks. Ayden, Emperor of Gamerz, would despise this and would get extremely frustrated over The Oxards. Eventually he declared war, which sparked the Second Oxfordian Incursion.

After only a couple of months, in March 2014, Gamerz would surrender to Oxar. Oxford would unite under the banner of the Oxar Federation. For at least a year, until the plague of inactivity spread over the region.


Until 2015, when Lilylandia was founded. The Lilylandian peoples came together under many micronations before including, The Boys, FoE, Oxar, Doggenburg and many more. In 2017, Maximilian discovered MicroWiki and began to be more actively involved in his micronation and others including, Aenderia and Auvenum. After being banned from the MicroWiki discord in November 2018, Maximilian took a break from micronationalism until March 2019.


Franksland was founded by Crown Prince Erich (Maximilian von Schroeder). Erich immediately appointed his Grandfather as Konig (King) of Franksland. Erich adopted American, Lebanese, German, and Oxard culture into Frankish culture. His father was German-Lebanese and his mother is American. All of these cultures greatly influenced the foundation of Franksland and it's culture.

Government and Politics

The Frankish government is seperated into three branches, Judicial, Legislative, Executive.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch of the Frankish government is in charge of enforcing the laws, convicting wrong-doers, and bringing justice to the Frankish people. The Judicial Branch is made up of the Frankish Royal Courts. Each District or City has a Stadtgericht (City Court) which is in charge of upholding justice in that area. Then it goes up to State courts, then finally it leads up to His Majesty's Supreme Court. HM Supreme Court is made up of 5 Richters (or judges) which uphold the law of the land.

Legislative Branch

The Frankstag is a unicameral government of Franksland. It is responsible for legislating the laws, creating laws, upholding the state's budget, approving bills, controlling the treasury, and exercising control of the government. In order for laws to become official, the King must approve of them.\

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of Franksland is made up of the Monarch and His/Her Privy Council. The Privy Council is made up of the Monarch's closest advisers. They assist the Monarch in his or her duties for the greater good of the Kingdom.


The Geography of Franksland is a debated topic inside of Franksland. Franksland has many forests, hills, and streams. But many are conflicted over the issue of Global Warming. Both the Conservative Party and the Liberal Front are debated over this topic.


The Frankish government adopted the w:German Mark in 2019.


The Frankish culture is very diverse. Many of the Frankish people are split into many different subcultures and races. Some of these include: Oxards, Germans, Franks, Oxfordics, and Lilylandians. All of which either have their own activist groups, tribal governments, or political parties in Franksland.


Holiday Date Origin German
Night of the Lily 7 July Lilylandia Nacht der Lilie
Christmas Eve 24 December Christian Heiligabend
Christmas Day 25 December Christian Weihnachten

Districts of Franksland

Name Flag Capital
Doggenburg FlagofFranksland.png Doggenburg
Frankish America Frankish America2.png Waynestadt