Foundation Medal of Sildavia

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Foundation Medal of Sildavia
Foundation Medal of Sildavia
Awarded by  Sildavia
TypeCommemorative medal
EligibilityCitizens and foreigners
Awarded forCelebrating the Founding of Sildavia
StatusNo Longer Awarded
Established17 February 2021
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)None
Ribbon bar of the Foundation Medal

The Foundation Medal of Sildavia was a commemorative medal created by Queen Maria I to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of the Sildavia Foundation. It was given once a year and only on February 17, which marks the foundation day.



  1. Sildavia Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Klöw
  2. Sildavia His Serene Highness, The Duke of Flaviano
  3. Sildavia Her Royal Highness, The Countess of Koniktz
  4. SildaviaGrand Duchy of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir The Right Honorable Countess of Almeida-Pereira (later the Grand Duchess of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir)
  5. Karno-Ruthenian Empire His Imperial and Royal Majesty, the Emperor of Karnia and King of Ruthenia
  6. Vishwamitra His Majesty The Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra (Reliquished)
  7. Ebenthal His Most Gracious Majesty, the King of Ebenthal
  8. Rino Island His Excellency, Marco Antonio Rino, President of the Republic of Rino Island
  9. Villa Alicia His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Villa Alicia
  10. United Provinces of Mauritia His Majesty The Stadhouder of Mauritia
  11. Kingdom of Quinta Velha His Majesty, The King of Quinta Velha
  12. Kingdom of Luna His Majesty, The King of Luna
  13. Braspor His Majesty, The King of Braspor

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