Fort Munhall Command

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Fort Munhall Command
Flag of Michrenia.png
Flag of Varina.png
Flags of the Allied Nations
Motto: TBD
March TBD
Established April 6th, 2013
Countries Kingdom of Michrenia
Kingdom of Varina
Previous engagements Skirmish of the Ides
Current engagements None
Commanders-in-Chief Michael I of Michrenia
David I of Varina
General information
Headquarters Fort Munhall Military District
Population 40
Area 120,820 square feet
Active personnel 5
Weapons Various Nerf/Airsoft weaponry

The Fort Munhall Command is a military alliance between the Kingdom of Michrenia and the Kingdom of Varina that was founded on April 6th, 2013 in a meeting between Michael I of Michrenia and David I of Varina. The meeting gave joint control of both Fort Munhall Military District and the city of Shimate to the two nations.[1]


The Fort Munhall Command conducted its first military exercise on April 8th, 2013.[2] Afterwards, the two nations occasionally organized meetings at Fort Munhall. The first battle of the Command, occurring on May 15th, 2013, and called the Skirmish of the Ides, resulted in a tie.


The FMC carries a total of five soldiers, four from Michrenia and one from Varina. While all members of the alliance have seen combat, none ever participated in a truly micronational war, the closest conflict to such being the Hicks War in May 2011. The Command has large Nerf and Airsoft reserves and is fully capable of arming its entire fighting force with Airsoft. Both nations have sworn, however, to only arm with Airsoft if the fought enemy has the same or stronger.

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