Foreign relations of the Ashukov Federation

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Ashukov Federation

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Being one of the most active nations in what is considered the MicroWiki sector, Ashukovo enjoys a prominent diplomatic role as a major micronational power. Considering as major allies Austenasia, and Imvrassia, the Ashukov Federation implements foreign relations and defines foreign policy through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The current Minister is Manolis Afentoulis. Ashukovo is also a member of Grand Unified Micronational and Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact - of which it was a founder - and enjoys perfect relations with all of their member states.

At the time of the collapse of the last incarnation of a continuously active Ashukovo, the Tsardom of Ashukovo enjoyed full diplomatic relations with 13 states, informal relations with 3, and recognised all members of the United Nations, the GUM, and the Community for Democracy and Rights of Nations. However with the fall of the Tsardom, all of those relations were de facto declared null and void. At the moment, the Second Ashukov Federation has signed several treaties and is at the process of signing more. As of 15 November 2019, Ashukovo is in formal relations with 8 states.

Recognised nations; no relations

The following is a list of nations recognised by Ashukovo, in accordance with the001-2017 Presidential Decree. Ashukovo recognises the following states, but has no relations, formal or informal, with any of them, with the exception of the Empire of Pavlov (not included in this list).

Flag Country Recognition Notes
UN logo.jpg All member-states of the United Nations 10 February 2017
Abkhazia Flag.png Abkhazia, Republic of 10 February 2017
Flag of the Donetsk People's Republic.svg.png Donetsk, People's Republic of 10 February 2017
Flag of Luhansk Lugansk Luhanskaya Luganskaya PR.png Luhansk People's Republic 10 February 2017
Palestine Flag.jpg Palestine, State of 10 February 2017
Transnistria State Flag.svg Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic 10 February 2017
Flag of Sealand.svg Sealand, Principality of 10 February 2017
Flag of Seborga.png Seborga, Principality of 10 February 2017
Flag of South Ossetia.svg South Ossetia, Republic of 10 February 2017
Talossan Flag.gif Talossa, Kingdom of 10 February 2017

Official relations

Flag Country Recognition Notes
ImvrassiaFlag.jpg Imvrassia, Kingdom of 5 March 2017[1][2]
  • Ashukovo and Imvrassia enjoy excellent diplomatic relations.
    • The Ashukov District of Mouzilo, in particular, and the Kingdom of Imvrassia enjoy a special relationship status, both being located in Greece, sharing common national identities and culture, and having the same or very similar stance on international and domestic affairs.
Karniarutheniaflag.png Karnia,the Lands Represented in the Council of, and Ruthenia, the Kingdoms and Lands of the Crown of 9 April 2017[3]
  • Ashukovo considers Karnia-Ruthenia a major ally.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs announcement regarding the formalization of diplomatic affairs was published on April the 15th, 2017[4]
Flag of Austenasia.png Austenasia, Empire of 4 May 2017[5]
  • Ashukovo considers Austenasia a major ally.
  • The two states share a common Orthodox Christian culture.
  • Emperor Jonathan I is a member of the Orthodox Association of Ashukovo.
  • Former President of Ashukovo Joseph Kennedy is currently the Prime Minister of Austenasia.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release regarding the formalization of diplomatic affairs was published on April the 15th, 2017[6]
Abeldane flag.jpg Abelden, Empire of 9 May 2017
Kingdom of Shorewell Flag.jpg Shorewell, Empire of 10 May 2017[7]
CoriaFlag.png Coria, Kingdom of 11 May 2017
  • Ashukovo and Coria enjoy excellent diplomatic relations
  • Nikola I of Coria is a member of the Orthodox Association of Ashukovo.
Flag of Nedlando-Khorasan.png Nedlando-Khorașan, Empire of 16 May 2017
Esse flag.png Essian Commonwealth 10 June 2017

Former relations

Flag Country Recognition Notes
Flag of Pavlov.jpg Pavlov, Empire of 10 February 2017
Terminated 12 May 2017
  • First nation to enter into diplomatic relations with the Second Ashukov Federation, on January the 10th, 2017.[8]
  • Pavlovian leader Deniz Tezcan was formerly an Ashukov citizen.
  • On May 14, 2017 Pavlov ceased to exist.
Hasanistan.png Hasanistan, State of 14 May 2017
Terminated 13 June 2017
  • Hasanistan and Mouzilo were formerly in a political union.
  • Hasan Çakar was formerly a citizen and member of the Federal Assembly. His citizenship was dishonorably revoked in 2014, following a series of scandals including vandalism and treason.
  • Hasanistan cut all diplomatic relations with the Federation in 2017, as a response to President Jacobs annulling Hasan Çakar's illegally obtained citizenship and criticizing Cakar's defiant behaviour during the elections.[9]