Foreign relations of Shengli

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Foreign relations of Shengli' is the way of diplomacy in the Imperial State of Shengli. Shengli established its first foreign relations with Hashima. And currently St.John maintains a diplomatic relations with three micronations.

Recognized; Formal relations

Flag Nation Recognized Notes
PeoplesRepublicofHashimaFlag.png People's Republic of Hashima 8 April 2015 Mutual UM member;
Bandeirarutena.png Kingdom of Ruthenia 13 April 2015 -
Flag of Paowan.png Paowan Kingdom 15 July 2014 -
DRSR.png Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya 16 July 2015 -
Flag of Taihan.png Empire of Taihan 15 July 2015 -
Flag of Nedland - 3.png Democratic Socialist Federation of Nedlandic Republics 20 July 2015 -
50px Republic of Minahasa 30 July 2015 -

Recognized without any relations

Flag Nation
Flag of Ryukyu.png Ryukyu Empire
Flag Sch.PNG UfKpR Schwanensee
Flag of Burkland (civil).png Marxist People's Republic of Burkland (in exile)
Flag of Shurigawa.png Greater Shurigawan Empire

Recognized macronations

St.John also recognize all macronations that joined United Nations. Here's the list of non-UN member states that recognized by St.John :

Flag Nation
Flag of the United Nations.png All members of UN (with few expection)
Flag of Hong Kong.svg.png Hong Kong (as independent state)
Flag of Palestine.png State of Palestine
Flag of Novorussia.svg.png Novorossiya
Morning Star flag svg.png Republic of West Papua
Flag of Bali.jpg Bali (as independent state)
Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912).png Qing dynasty Qing dynasty (Recognised as a legitimate government of China)
Rms 2.gif Republic of South Maluku (as independent state)

Unrecognized macronations

Flag Nation
Flag of Israel.png State of Israel
Flag of North Korea.png Democratic People's Republic of Korea