Foreign relations of Namayan

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  • The micronation must exercise power and authority on the denizens for at least 6 months.
  • Micronational institutions must be public responsible for achieving policies that shall benefit the most number of denizens. If not transparent and accountable, it is better to reform the said micronational institution.
  • The micronation must conduct an exercise of legitimating decisions that reaches and binds every possible denizen. If the interest of the denizens is compromised, or some denizens were not reached, the legitimacy of the decision shall be thrown into question.
  • Micronational laws must be obeyed and respected by the denizens. Also, there must be a mechanism wherein lawbreakers will go punished. If such law is proved to be sham, then it is better to amend it to satisfy denizen interest.
  • The micronation must have specific geographical definition which encompasses denizens, but not necessarily non-denizens, as part of recognizing the authority of the macronation. Claiming non-denizens as your own shall be seen as challenging macronational authority, and is therefore breaking this contemporary tradition of micronationalism.


The state had ties with the following countries as of June 30, 2011: