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This article is about the foreign relations of the Confederation of Malus. Listed are the micronations Malus recognizes and has relationships with, recognize unilaterally, or refuse recognition to. Some of the diplomatic relationships the Confederation of Malus has have been in place since the Republic of Long Island.

Diplomatic Relations

Micronational Alliances

Alliance Leader Date of Entry Notes
FlagofCTO.png Conquistadors Treaty Organisation Connor Woodson or Lida Bel Pouwa 4/30/22
Titanium pact logo.jpg Titanium Pact McKay Clemens 4/27/22
Assembly of Long Island Micronations Fredrick M. 10/26/21-
Alliance of the Micronations Kingdom of Salanda (Solomon K) 9/29/21- Malus is in the discord server of this alliance.
Alliance Égalitaire Astrex 5/30/21-7/25/21


Malus originally created the organization[1], but resigned as leader after a few months. After the power vacuum and Ceticilian Revival, Malus left the organization.

Mutual Recognition

Micronation Leader Date of recognition Notes
CETICILIAFLAG2to1.svg Ceticilia A. 6/13/21 Relationship born through the Alliance Égalitaire.
Flag of Valdieuria.jpg Nation of Valdieuria Sylvie des Rhontiennes n/a Mutual recognition and alliance.[2]
Clearwater Flag.jpg Clearwater Confederacy Andrew "Xulff" B 11/11/21
Moorsem.png Stadstaat Moorsem Eben Berkvens 2/28/22
 Slitronia Johannes I 3/21/22 Treaty of Mutual Recognition.[3]
OfficialTakraln.jpeg Federal Republic of Takraln Duckser Jereold III 3/22/22 CoM recognized the FRT as they are a micronation in the same region. The confederation recognized Takraln on 9 March 2022, and they recognized Malus on 22 March.
 Bepistani Reich Matthew Laptev 3/25/22 Malus previously recognized the Reich but never officially.
Flag of Western Long Island.png Italic Duchy of Western Long Island Nicholas I 4/8/22
  • Allies
  • Plans for a cooperative space program
USRM Flag.png United States of the Rocky Mountains McKay Clemens 4/27/22 The Confederation of Malus recognized all of these states when it joined the Titanium Pact.
[[File:|border|23x15px|link=]] Blanuk N/A
Nexan Sigil.png The Nexus Desslok V. Nafage[better source needed]
FlagSnocesterlan.jpg Democratic Republic of Greater Snocesterlan Lida Bel Pouwa 4/29/22 The Confederation of Malus recognized all of these states when it joined the Conquistadors Treaty Organisation.
New Katy Flag.png Republic of New Katy Connor Woodson
Flag of Salanda.svg Kingdom of Salanda Reuben I of Salanda 4/30/22
Pomerania & Laveria N/A 4/3/22
E97EFED9-43F2-4F29-8878-EA04141D9CCC 1 201 a.jpg Kingdom of Ranzania Răzvan Juncu 4/4/22
FlagVestvalia.jpg Kingdom of Vestvalia N/A

Unilateral Relations

Micronation Leader Date of Recognition Notes
 Grand Republic of Cycoldia Christina I n/a Malus views Cycoldia and the work they've done in the international community very highly.
 Fourth Fesmarian Empire John I n/a The Republic of Long Island previously had relations with the empire.
 Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions Charles Burgardt / Francis Karma 2020 Relationship established during the time of the Republic of Long Island.[4]
 People's Republic of Tesforia Brennan Sullivan 10/28/21
Sovereign Barony of New Kendal Kyle Lawson 3/21/22 Recognized after exploring the Reddit Sector.
Vc flag.jpg Vladastock Confederation William Alexander 3/24/22 Malus reached out to the confederation requesting to join on 24 March 2022.
Lavallette.png Federal Republic of Lavallette President Shevy and President Joseph [citation needed] 3/31/22 Following the Lavian Secession Crisis, Malus supported Lavallette's independence.

Unrecognized micronations

Micronation Leader Date of Unrecognition


Voidistan Wilhelm / Doiv 3/23/22 The Confederation does not recognize ultranationalist or extreme theocratic states.[5] The CoM does not recognize Voidistan as a legitimate micronation, and condemns the movement it has started.
  • The language the voidistan movement uses on their website and microwiki page is thinly veiled racism.
  • Voidistan, while condemning the Nazis, still agrees with their goals of "saving the white race".[5]
  • They promote hate against non-Christians[6], and are opposed to social justice and equality.
  • Voidistan admires the BUF[7], which was responsible for violent clashes with anti-fascists[8] in the UK in the 1930s and supported Nazi Germany.
  • The movement also is anti-LGBTQ+[9], anti-communist[10], and anti-freedom.

On April 1, 2021, the MicroWiki page was deleted.

Sanctia Căpitanul Crusader 6/17/21



  • Fascist micronation supporting the Voidistan movement.[11]
  • They are anti-religious freedom and promote a Christian ethnostate. Notably, Sanctia refuses to acknowledge Muslim macronations.
  • They are extremely prejudiced towards LGBTQ+ people[12], believing they "are considered to either be suffering from a mental illness or are deemed to be practicing degeneracy based upon the type of homosexual tendencies and behavior they are exhibiting."
  • Apart of the ITL.
Meanwealth of Gasconade Joshua Stoddard 12/22/21 Joshua Stoddard vandalized the confederation's Satanic Order of Malus microwiki page, putting images of the "Christian flag", declaring there was a "Grand Wizard" of the organization, and claiming it was disgraced governor Andrew Cuomo. They had the "religion" section of their infobox say that the Order hated the "Anti-Christ". Additionally, Andrew Szemere supports Ausveria in the Long Island War.
State of Mensenberg Eoin O'Lachtna
  • Under the premiership of Joshua Stoddard (Andrew Szemere)[13], Malus refused recognition due to his role in the vandalism of the Satanic Order of Malus wiki page.
  • In 2022, Mensenberg supported the Russians invading Ukraine[14]. Malus is completely against the invasion of an independent country.
Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma Sean Mankowich 11/1/21 The Dictat of Ronkonkoma is extremely bigoted towards LGBTQ+ minorities, and expresses the belief that LGBTQ+ people are all grooming victims[15].
Republic of Agelonia Vuk Pétrovich 10/26/21 - 1/19/22 Agelonia is an anti-LGBT rights[16] micronation and censors political opinions it does not like. The country classes islamism, feminism, LGBTQ+ activism, Black Lives Matter activism, environmentalism, animal rights activism, and anarchism in the same category of Nazism.[17]
  • The micronation also claims that Malus supports "racism, terror, and discrimination", when it is the confederation's goal to eliminate those things.
  • On the 18th of November, Malus officially declared that Agelonia was a dangerous micronation for queer individuals, and oppressive of minorities. President L forwards information about the policies of Agelonia to the Alliance Égalitaire.
  • In January 2022, the Progressive Party of Malus wrote a short condemnation of bigotry in the micronational community, mentioning the Republic of Agelonia.
Susaonia.jpg Susaonia National Worker's State Unknown 6/17/21 - 1/20/22
  • Racist, homophobic, and transphobic micronational project on Twitter. Advocated for the death of racial and queer minorities as well as used slurs.[18]
  • The Republic of Long Island did not recognize Susaonia from 30 April 2020 to 16 March 2021, when it collapsed.
  • The micronation became defunct in 2020 and Malus relinquished its unrecognition status.
U.C.C.R Flag.png U.C.C.R Iacov Moldoveanu 6/17/21 U.C.C.R is a religious extremist state, oppressing LGBTQ+ minorities and claiming they have mental illnesses and/or are degenerate due to their sexual and gender orientations. If a citizen is not straight and cisgender, they can be jailed.[19]

The Confederation of Malus views this policy as extremely bigoted, unjust, and oppressive.

Intermicronational Traditionalist League Flag.jpg Intermicronational Traditionalist League This micronational organization was created with the sole purpose of opposing the Alliance Égalitaire. The microwiki page for the I.T.L. sympathises with fascism, saying, the I.T.L. "sees fascism as a legitimate form of government."[20] The page is also very unprofessional and misrepresents the Black Lives Matter movement and anti-fascist movement as terroristic and negative.
  • The goals of the organization are shallow, with there only being three and those three being, "Oppose the APA. Oppose SJW micronations. Contain the spread of radical leftist policy and politics."
  • President Luci previously stated he wasn't surprised a "traditionalist" league would oppose social justice.
  • Malus condemns and does not recognize any of the micronations in this league.
NaswarianEmpireFlag.png Naswarian Empire Nicholas I 6/17/21 - 3/31/22
  • Views the empire negatively due to their military dictatorship, and what is perceived by President L of Malus as unrealistic territorial ambitions.
  • They also do not understand Malus protecting citizens by (temporarily and briefly) banning harmful books from being owned in Malus.
  • Malus also dislikes their willingness to not condemn fascist micronations.

Nocommunism.gif Assembly of Micronations Against Communism

6/17/21 The confederation views the alliance as regressive (banning socialism) and recognizes the assembly's flag as a dog whistle for neo-nazism as it comes from the far right group Anticom[21][22][23][24].