Foreign relations of Liber

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Foreign relations of Liber are following a very open foreign policy, and also a pacifist policy. It is administered by the Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Republic of Liber. Liber has set up several formal recognition treaties, with some being with the Popular Union of Occitania and the Ohio Republic.

Foreign Relations

(example) indicates when it was recognized by Liber

Unilateral Recognition

Formal recognization

Liber doesn't recognize

  • Flag of Luhansk Lugansk Luhanskaya Luganskaya PR.png Luhansk(Considered to be a Russian puppet state)
  • Coat of arms of Donetskaya Narodnaya Republic.png Donetsk(Also considered Russian puppet state)
  • Flag of North Korea.png North Korea(Unrecognized because of isolationism and threats to human society)
  • Flag of the Islamic State.svg.png Islamic State(Considered a terrorist group and threat to human society. Liber will not give citizenship to an individual who is a member of ISIS)

Former recognition


Liber is open to entering intermicronational organizations, however, has not joined any yet.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

All foreign relations are handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since every foreign relation, every affiliation with an organization, is handled by this ministry, it is thought to be the most powerful ministry after the presidency.