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The foreign affairs of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya are run by the Senyan Minestry of Foreign Affairs, which is run by the President of Senya. The President maintains the right to establish relations, both formal and informal, and to join organisations. However, the Senyavite is allowed to disestablish relations with another country, as can the central government, but only with a majority vote of 85%.

Friends Alliance

League of 10

Foreign relations


  Macronation contains Senya
  Macronation contains micronation which maintains formal or informal relations with Senya
  Macronation contains a MicroWiki sector nation
  Macronation not containing a micronation in the MicroWiki community
The Forum, Norwich, the location of the planned meeting between John Gordon and Barnaby Hands in October 2011.
Flag Official Name Macronation Status of Relations Notes
Atlantis.flag.png Republic of Atlantis Italy Informal relations Senya and Atlantis currently have informal relations, and were both involved in the foundation of the Micronational Space Agency.
Flag of Austenasia.png Empire of Austenasia United Kingdom (England) Neutral Senya and Austenasia have generally had little contact. During late October 2011, Hands had the opportunity to visit Austenasia whilst partaking in a Senyan Commonwealth meeting, but decided not to visit because he "had no intentions of doing so".
Jack Leach's Flag.jpg Kingdom of Broughtopia United Kingdom (England) Formal relations through the Senyo-Broughtopian treaty and the League of 10 treaty. The two nations have maintained contact since February 2011, and the Second sockpuppet scandal.

In April 2011, It was discovered that King Jack of Broughtopia lived in the same area as relatives of Barnaby Hands. Both leaders hope to meet in the near future.

Flag of Dale Republic.png Dale Republic United Kingdom (England) Informal relations Senya and the Dale Republic maintain informal relations. The two nations are battling to host the 2013 MFA World Cup.
CR Dallingrad.png Soviet Socialist Republic of Dallingrad United Kingdom (England) Formal relations through the Friends Alliance treaty and the League of 10 treaty. Senya and Dallingrad regard each other as "their strongest allies", and have been tied since their foundations on March 27, 2010. As well as attending Friends Alliance meeting reguarly, Dallin leader Ewan Whitmore officially visited Senya on December 11, 2010.
Flag of The Preisser Treaty 2.png Parliamentary Republic of Dorzhabad United Kingdom (England) Formal relations through the League of 10 treaty. In August 2011, Daniel Morris, Prime Minister of Dorzhabad, was due (alongside Sakasarian leader John Gordon) to attend a radio interview with Barnaby Hands in Thetford. However, the interview was later postponed. The two nations became formal allies when they signed the League of 10 treaty.
Eragia1.png Republic of Eragia United Kingdom (Scotland) Neutral The two nations made contact in late September 2011, when Eragia played a football match against Quenya. Eragia's predecessor nation, Thantias, has good relations with Senya, despite never signing a treaty nor engaging in informal relations.
Tfoeflag.png Technological Federation of Erephisia United Kingdom (England) Formal relations through the League of 10 treaty and the Senyo-Erephisian treaty. Erephisia and Senya have had informal relations on and off since November 2010. The two nations founded the League of 10 in 2011, after signing the Senyo-Erephisian treaty.
Flag.GaragNEWNEW.jpg Principality of Garagstan United Kingdom (England) Informal relations Informal relations were established in January 2011, whilst Barnaby Hands was assisting Garagstani officials in organising the Second Micronational Games (although the Games were later postponed). After Kenny Harber left the MicroWiki community, little contact has been made, and Senya recognises Southminster ROC as a successor state of Garagstan.
Newflag.png Kingdom of Iskwan Iceland Informal relations The two nations have informal relations, and Iskwan competed in the Senyan-ran VSML competition in 2011.
Flag-of-Juclandia.png Kingdom of Juclandia Romania Formal relations through the Senyo-Juclandian treaty Formal relations through Senyo-Juclandian treaty.
Antarctico londaise.png Community of Landashir United Kingdom (England) No Formal/Informal relations - Good Terms Senya assisted Landashir in preperation of the 2011 Microvision Song Festival.
N/A Democratic Republic of Longarnia United Kingdom (England) Formal relations through the League of 10 treaty. The two nations originally retained informal relations through Billy Neil of Erephisia. After the signing of the League of 10 treaty, the two nations gained formal relations.
Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png Nemkhav Federation Germany Neutral The two nations have enjoyed good relations with each other.
Pambia.png People's Republic of Pambia United Kingdom (England) Formal relations through the Senyo-Pambian treaty, the Friends Alliance treaty and the League of 10 treaty.[1] Pambian leader Edward Hunt has regarded Senya as "one of Pambia's strongest allies". Hands and Hunt have retained a friendship since July 2008, and attend school together.
Preisserflag1.png Unified Republic of Preissland United Kingdom (England) Formal relations through League of 10 treaty Under predeccessor nation Sakasaria, John Gordon, leader of Preissland, and Barnaby Hands attempted to meet twice. The first of which was in late August 2011, when Gordon, Hands and Morris were due to attend a Radio broadcast together, but the programme was eventually cancelled. On October 8, 2011, Hands and Gordon attempted to meet again in Norwich, but Hands couldn't find Gordon, and was forced to leave due to his schedule. It was later revealed on social-networking site Facebook, that Gordon had mistaken Hands for a "lost person".
Southminsterrocflag.jpg Southminster ROC United Kingdom (England) Neutral Although Senya recognises Southminster ROC as the legal succesor to the Principality of Garagstan, the nation never declared itself to be.
Flag stcharlie.png Federal Republic of St.Charlie Italy Neutral After the Handspuppet Scandals during late 2010 and early 2011, St.Charlie was the first nation to offer Senya help, when the Alexander Reinhardt announced that St.Charlie would welcome Senya into the St.Charlian Commonwealth.[2] Although Senya decided against joining, this enquiry lead Tiana and Landashir to join the commonwealth.[3]
Uslssrflag.png Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics United Kingdom (England) Officially Neutral - Politically Unknown The USLSSR and Senya have never engaged in relations of any kind. During December 2011, talks of a football match between the two nations arised, although the USLSSR later requested the game to be postponed from March 2011 to August 2011, and eventually the match was cancelled after Alex Ulbricht told Senyan officialls a USLSSR team would be unable to travel to Senya. On October 26, 2011, the USLSSR used their veto power to block Senya membership to the IMTO, siting Senya's "previous acts in the community" a reason to keep them out.[4]
N/A Kingdom of Von Stengel United Kingdom (England) Formal relations through the League of 10 treaty. The two nations are founding members of the League of 10, and retain good relations, mostly through Erephisia.
Westlandianflag.jpg Republic of Westland United Kingdom (England) Neutral Senya has a faverable policy towards Westland, which, alongside Westland's love of football, has sometimes led Senyan citizens to nickname Westland "Senya minor". Hands visited Westland unofficially in April 2011, but did not contact Westlandian leader A.T. Phoenix about this visit.
WyvernFlagImproved.png Kingdom of Wyvern Netherlands Neutral Senya and Wyvern have generally been on good terms, as early voting patterns in the OAM show. Both countries have had little contact, but the contact that has been made has been positive.

Rest of the World

Flag Official Name Macronation Status of Relations Notes
A1flag2.png Federated Republics of A1 Australia Neutral The two nations have both maintained good relations, especially James Wilary. Hands was the last person to email A1BC News' segment email inbox, where he asked about weather reports and media hosting rights to the 2013 MFA World Cup.
Dranoria flag.png Kingdom of Dranoria Australia Neutral
Flag Of Lbp.gif Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros Indonesia Informal relations The two nations have opened dialogue. though still informal, and have hosted an online meeting before.
Andersonian Flag.png Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco New Zealand Informal relations The two nations entered informal relations in late January 2011, after Siroccan authorities judged Senya to be "clean". During the last MicroWiki Influence Survey, Sirocco fell 8 places from 10th in the Midway table to 18th in the final table, one place below Senya. In the aftermath of this, Hands said "there is no way that Senya is more influencial than Sirocco".[5][6][7]
Vedicflag.png Empire of Vedistan India Informal relations - Tensions Senya originally opposed Vedistan's predeccesor nation Rajputistan, but when the nation became Vedistan, Senya offered informal relations. However since then, both nations have had tensions, not least thanks to the Vedistani Coat of Arms debate, when Senyan president Barnaby Hands ranted against Vedistan's coat of arms, which depicted a Swastika. Since then, Vedistan have changed their Coat of Arms, though it still depicts a swastika.
Yabloko flag.png Students' Isocratic Oligarchy of Yabloko Australia Neutral After the first sockpuppet scandal, Yablokon leader Aldrich Lucas showed little compassion throughout to Senya. This started to cause tensions, including Yabloko's refusal to grant informal relations with Senya. After the sockpuppet scandals, in May 2011, Aldrich Lucas invited Hands back to MicroWiki. Since then, little contact has been made.
Zealandian flag.png Kingdom of Zealandia New Zealand Neutral
Zonian Flag.png Zonian Confederacy South Africa Neutral Zona and Senya have maintained good friendship, though are not tied through a treaty nor through informal relations.


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