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Foreign affairs of the Popular Union of Occitania.

Sovereignty disputes

Diplomatic Network

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Diplomatic Network
Flag of Japan.svg.png Occitanian Ambassador to Japan in Himeji-Hyōgo
Flag of Lituania.svg.png Occitanian Ambassador to Lithuania
Flag of Spain.svg.png Occitanian Ambassador to Spain in Vigo
Flag of the United States.png Occitanian Ambassador to United States in Toledo
Flag of Venezuela.svg.png Occitanian Ambassador to Venezuela in Valencia


International Organisations


Science & Culture

Diplomatic relations


On July 16, 2017 the Abeldane Monarch, Stephen I & II contacted the President of Occitania, Babou Chkaya to propose to him to initiate diplomatic relations between the two micronations with a treaty of mutual recognition with the aim of "normalise relations". On 24 July 2017, the Parliament of Abelden has voted the Popular Union of Occitania (Treaty) Act. This one "allow the creation of a treaty of mutual recognition between the Abeldane Empire and the Popular Union of Occitania". Since the Abeldane authorities have not responded and Occitania no longer has the goal of a treaty in its agenda and does not want a diplomatic treaty. Relationships are therefore informal notably within the GUM.


Diplomatic relations between Occitania and the Principality of Aigues-Mortes began at the time of the political regime of the confederation, on August 3, 2015, making it the second oldest for Occitania. The treaty includes mutual recognition. The miconations are both members of the MicroFrancophonie (Occitania has observer status).


Antares and Occitania are micronations with excellent returns due to a very close vision and culture. The formalization of diplomatic relations took place on 21st December, 2015, even if the diplomatic relations are older. The subjects of the treaty are mutual recognition, defense and economy pacts.


Since the 22nd October 2015, Austrasia and Occitania have signed a mutual recognition treaty. The miconations are both members of the MicroFrancophonie (Occitania has observer status).


Coria is one of the best Occitanian ally. The diplomatic treaty was sign on 12nd March, 2016 but the contacts are much older. Diplomatic treaties include mutual recognition, defense and Economic pacts.


Diplomatic relations between Fairfax and Occitania have been formalized on 19th July, 2016. The treaty include mutual recognition, defense and Economic pacts.


Occitania was one of the first diplomatic contact of Freeland. Diplomatic relations have started on 24th October, 2016.


Informal Name Macronation Begin Date of Relations Status of Relations
Aariania Flag.png Aariania United States 19th January, 2018 Recognition
Ipainia-flag.jpg Ipainia Peru 21st July, 2016 Recognition
ImvrassiaFlag.jpg Imvrassia Greece 10th October, 2016 Recognition
Iustus flag.png Iustus Canada 6th March, 2018 Recognition
Current flag.png Jupiter United States 6th July 2017 Recognition
Oriflamme-icon.jpg Lorenzburg Sweden 21st July, 2015 Recognition
Lundenwicflag1.png Lundenwic United Kingdom 2nd August, 2016 Recognition
Mahus.png Mahuset Netherlands 9th, June 2018 Recognition
DGJGYt7XUAA5stH.jpg Manove Belgium 1st, August, 2017 Recognition
Mizuho.png Mizuho Japan 29th August, 2016 Recognition
Molossia flag.png Molossia United States 10th November, 2015 Amical & Friendly
MONTIBER.jpg Montiber Spain opened 13th March, 2017 Recognition
Nesti.jpg Nesti Italy opened 16th July, 2017 Recognition
Bandera de soria.jpg Numancia Spain 25th October, 2016 Recognition
Phardom.jpg Padrhom France 28th December, 2015 Recognition
Polanda.png Polanda Spain opened 7th March, 2016/closed 10th April, 2016/reopened 25th June, 2016 Recognition
Ruteria.png Ruteria Japan 18st June, 2017 Recognition, Member of the Occitanian Commonwealth
Ruthenia Brazil 21st July, 2015 Recognition
Shorewell United States 2nd October 2016 Recognition
Surland.png Surland France 29th June, 2015 Recognition
UEGG.png UEGG Spain 8th August, 2015 Recognition
Imayyyyyge.jpg Unica Venezuela 31st October, 2015 Recognition, friendship

Micronation who recognizes unilaterally Occitania

The Union doesn't recognizes

Official condemnation


The Union recognizes

The Union doesn't recognizes

Tacit Recognitions from Macronations

Occitania claims to have recieved tacit recognition - that is, acts or conduct which, in the absence of any indication to the contrary, can be reasonably interpreted to imply recognition.

Former Tacit Recognitions from Macronations

Official statement



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