Foreign relations of Wyvern

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Department of Foreign Affairs
Prime Minister Bradley of Dullahan
Minister Quentin I of Wyvern
Founded 2009
Headquarters Foreign Affairs Palace, Wyvern-Stad
Organisations OAM

The foreign affairs of the Kingdom of Wyvern are maintained by the Department of Foreign Affairs, which has existed in some form since Wyvern was founded in 2009. It maintains diplomatic relations with other micronations, as well as organisation membership and immigration. Presentation of the Kingdom of Wyvern to the international community is handled in cooperation with the department in charge of design and the department in charge of projects.


When Wyvern was founded in late 2009, a Department of Foreign Affairs was founded. At that time, it was maintained on a daily basis by three people. When Wyvern found the MicroWiki community and applied for OAM membership, Bradley of Dullahan was chosen as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Bradley of Dullahan initiated and accepted various requests for alliances and micronational friendship and greatly expanded Wyvern's amount of foreign relations. However, in the spring of 2011, Bradley had a conflict with Mark Dresner because of a resolution proposed by Bradley that would condemn New Europe for exhibiting far-right symbolism. Eventually, both Bradley and Dresner were replaced. Bradley was replaced by Quentin I of Wyvern and Dresner was replaced by another diplomat from his micronation who later turned out to be a persona.

On April 26, 2010, the United Univist States declared war on the world. Although the war seemed non-existent at first, Wyvern's allies eventually entered the war. In an emergency meeting, Bradley of Dullahan convinced King Quentin I that Wyvern was forced to enter the war, presumably because Wyvern's allies needed help. However, soon after King Quentin hesitantly accepted the declaration of war, Wyvern's allies withdrew from the war. The foreign affairs of the Kingdom of Wyvern were badly damaged by this event. Many nations showed that they did not support the actions taken by the Aegis Alliance. Furthermore, King Quentin I decided that new alliances should not be accepted anymore and that old alliances should eventually be reformed to micronational friendships. In the summer of 2010, this plan was completed.

In May 2010, the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance, also known as ICA, was founded by Bradley of Dullahan. According to Bradley, it meant to spread conservatism through supporting conservative governments in micronations. The People's Democratic Republic of Sandus, a communist nation, was offended by the ICA and announced that it would wage ideological warfare against a variety of nations, including Wyvern. It sent an ultimatum demanding that Bradley be reprimanded for his presumed anti-communist rhetoric and mentioned that the Kingdom of Wyvern should publish an apology, or there would be severe consequences. The apology was never given. However, Bradley eventually stepped down from his leading role in the ICA, and the conflict was de facto ended.

In the summer of 2011, it was decided that there should be more focus on bilateral foreign relations.

Department of Foreign Affairs

The Department of Foreign Affairs is located in Wyvern-Stad. It is symbolically based in a Lego building. The Lego building is called the Foreign Affairs Palace. It was designed by King Quentin I, using a variety of colours, windows and doors and a façade-styled roof. It is located next to the Embassy District, where the Egtavian and Zealandian embassies are.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has various tasks regarding foreign policy. This is a list of main functions:

Foreign Affairs Palace
  • Negotiating for a peaceful solution in case of a conflict
  • Maintaining bilateral and multilateral foreign relations with other nations
  • Maintaining membership in organisations that benefit the Kingdom of Wyvern
  • Performing maintenance on embassies
  • Publishing the Royal Wyvern Gazette, 'the monthly newspaper that is usually four months late'
  • Helping the Wyvern Intelligence Service gather information if needed

Policy on foreign relations

Wyvern is known to be somewhat selective when it comes to foreign relations. There is a policy in place that lists criteria that foreign relations need to meet. These criteria were largely motivated by the UUS War Attempt. A nation requesting foreign relations with Wyvern has to do so through the right channels, can not be too controversial and should not look for a military alliance, since these are prohibited by a law passed by the Senate.

Wyvern automatically recognises all nations that it considers micronations and that do not have conflicting claims with Wyvern or its protectorate of Sæ, as well as all OAM member nations. The following nations have specific diplomatic relations with Wyvern according to the Department of Foreign Affairs:

If a nation is listed wrongly or not listed while it should be, diplomats should contact to notify the Department of Foreign Affairs.