Foreign Relations of the United Republic of Farrar and Duaktoserija

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Foreign Relations of the United Republic of Farrar and Duaktoserija.

Foreign policy

The Foreign policy of the Farrar Republic is complicated.Macronational recognition is strict in the country.The micronation does NOT recognise states which have unilaterally declared independence, as the Farrar Republic believes that countries affected e.g. Serbia, has the right to protect its territorial integrity and that the process of independence was formally agreed to.Therefore the United Republic of Farrar and Duaktserijia does NOT recognise Kosovo, The Donetsk Peoples Republic, IS, Luhansk Republic, Northern Cyprus, South Ossetia and Transnistria.Embassies of the Farrar Republic are virtual and in order to develop diplomatic relations with other states, both the Farrar Republic AND the state it wishes to have relations with, must recognise each other and help each other by joining organisations such as the GUM.


Foreign Embassies

All embassies are on Discord.


International Organisations


Logo Organization
Union Against Micronational War logo.png Union Against Micronational War
BU.jpg Balkan Union
Microagpact.png International Agricultural Development Pact

Diplomatic relations


The Farrar Republic recognizes

The Farrar Republic doesn't recognize

Twin cities

Informal Relations