Foreign relations of Paloma

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The diplomatic foreign relations of the Free Socialist State of Paloma are implemented by the Supreme Paloman, the main legislative body in the micronation. The power to grant official diplomatic recognition of sovereignty lies primarily with the Supreme Paloman with approval of the President of Paloma.


Paloma currently recognizes these sovereign states, and their colonies.

Country Formal Relations Began Notes
 Austenasia 13 November 2020 See Austenasia-Paloma relations
 Baustralia 20 November 2019
Only Informal Relations with Baustralia
See Baustralia-Paloma relations

Paloma and Baustralia have no diplomatic relations.

 Gymnasium State 27 June 2020 See Gymnasium State-Paloma relations
 Ikonia 23 August 2020 See Ikonia-Paloma relations
Flag of Naveria.svg Naveria 30 April 2020 See Naveria-Paloma relations

Naveria was formed after it seceded from the collapsing Phoklandian Free State with help from Paloma. The Paloman government assisted in the negotiations of Naverian independence from Phokland. After independence was agreed upon, Phokland officially ceased to exist to exist. Since then Paloma and Naveria have remained and maintained cordial relations.