Foreign Relations of Misberia

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For The Modern Relations See, Foreign Relations of The Damariscotta

Ministry of Diplomatic and Community Affairs
DoM 2020 COA.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Friendship For All
Official languagesEnglish, French and Spanish
• Minister
Archie Birch
• Established
23rd November 2018

Misberian foreign relations were only established fairly recently in its existance only starting in November of 2018. Misberia joined the Global Micronational Alliance on November 25th 2018 as a founding nation, nations like Somcowian Federation, Federal Kingdom of Falvia, Kingdom of Aspen, Imperium Germania, Confederation of Caloudonoum and Fraughtian Community, the organization held meetings regarding diplomacy and cooperation. After the organisation fell in January 2019, power blocks were formed with nations like Kingdom of Aspen and the Confederation of Caloudonoum. Things remained tense against Somcowian Federation until August 2019 when Misberia joined the Grand Unified Micronational as an official member. Since joining the GUM, Misberia has seen a new sense of belonging in the greater micronational community and has gone on to have members of its government work with organizations and nations such as Archie Birch working as the Secretary of Statistics from January 1st 2020 until January 1st 2021. Misberia has spread headed its own projects such as the New England Sector and cultural exchange programs of which its first one was with the Reino de Atlia. Misberia has since the passing of its late Duchess Maria Birch taken on a more serious attitude to diplomatic relations resulting in a strict one treaty of recognition per month for all of 2021 and the ceasing of aimless micronational treaties and organizations.

Recognition Policy

Misberia recognizes any and all micronations, those who the government see as a close ally or future partner are able to sign a treaty of recognition and other such treaties.

Policy of Micronational Affairs:

  • Misberia can not get involved in drama in the community, those who are acting in their official roles for Misberia who are caught partaking in such drama will be asked to step down for their duties as a diplomatic official.
  • Misberia does not recognize the idea of a “Micronational Community” for the pure reason that the community is splintered on many platforms and there is no singular community where all nations are accepted or a part of.
  • Misberia shall not get involved in internal affairs with another nation, however the government can offer help to recognized or friendly nations as well as issue statements in regards to concerns which may affect Misberia.
  • Misberia claims the right to the continuation of the nation of the Wabanaki Confederacy.
  • Misberia does not recognize the idea of “Discord Diplomacy” in which a representative of a nation must be a part of the other party’s server. Contact via direct message, public message or email shall suffice for proper contact and diplomatic procedures.
  • Misberia holds the right to cut contact and cooperation with any nation at any time, those breaching the recognition policy can be removed. However exceptions can be made and Misberia holds that right to do so.
  • Misberia holds the right to provide land and space for a recognized nation to set up a diplomatic mission in Misberia, rights and duties of such will be discussed and layed out in future legislation

Tactic Recognition:

Misberia has seen limited tact recognition in its time but has had notable events such as the Israeli Ambassador to Cyprus following the Misberian twitter account and a Israeli Delegation Staff member to Armenia following the account.

Special Relations

Formal Relations

Recognized Intermicronational Unions

Imperial Agreements

Informal Relations


Conventions and Treaties



Misberia has selected Ambassadors and Consuls selected to represent the nation should the time arise in a specific region or nation, while these roles are largely ceremonial, some have seen interaction with national governments such as the Chief Ambassador to the United States has sent multiple letters to the State of Maine asking for climate change and Native American rights to be respected and heard.

Type Name Nation Location Notes
Ambassadors of Misberia
Chief Ambassador Archie Birch United States of America State of Maine Serving since 2015
People's Republic of Adonia Adonian Commune of Edes Serving since 2021
Consul Jason Reach United States of America State of New Hampshire Serving since 2020
Consul Weld United States of America State of Texas Serving since 2020
Consul Nihil United States of America State of Virginia Serving since 2020
Consul Drew United States of America State of California Serving since 2020
Chief Ambassador ABirch Canada Province of Nova Scotia Serving since 2019
Chief Ambassador Luis Marcel Mexico Northeast Mexico Serving since 2020