Foreign Relations of Duke

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Duke has a system called Balmungse. This system classifies Allies and enemies as well as anything to do with the foreign relations of Duke.

Unilateral Recognition

United Nations - Most member states. Member states not recognized will be in the section of Non recognition.

Diplomatic Relations

Duke Recognizes these Nations as Sovereign

And all other Micronations. Non Recognized or State of Conflict Micronations will go in the section that they categorize in.


Formal Relations

Not Recognized by Duke

  • North Korea - due to the tyrannical Kim dictatorship and the Songun policies and the mistreatment of it's citizens and the threat of turning Japan and South Korea into a "Sea of Fire" and that is not acceptable under the Duke Government.
  • Any country that is a puppet state like Manchukuo (Japanese puppet state during the Japanese invasion of Manchuria)
  • Any Country / Group / Entity that is condemned by the Duke Government.
  • "Independent Republic of Duke" - False Government led by treasonous ex-Vice President and ex-Governor
  • United Republic of walker - Peace disruptor and enemy therefore not recognized by Duke
  • Andany

Nations in a war or conflict with Duke

None as Duke doesn't recognize Micronational warfare

List of Groups banned in Duke

  • Moranbong Band - Propaganda tool for the DPRK
  • Illuminati - Classified as a dangerous cult
  • Any Neo-nazi Group - Allying them selves with a horrible government that commited a genocide
  • Scientology - Classified as a dangerous cult
  • Pyongyang restaurant Chain - Way for North Korea to earn revenue from foreigners
  • Any group that classfies under "hate group
  • Any group that is a jihadist group
  • Any group that is pro North Korean Regime and spreads pro North Korean propaganda. Also if they spread the Juche Idea by glorifying the tyrannical regime in North Korea they will be banned as they will be trying to brainwash civilians and that is illegal under Duke Law 26: One may not brainwash another person as that is a serious form of lying therefore it is illegal

Banned People in Duke

  • Alessandro Josca (Can only visit UNIS province)
  • Liem Tesler (Can only visit UNIS province)
  • Ben Gorisek Gazze (Can only visit Unis Province) (Ban Lifted)
  • El Chapo
  • Any Drug dealer
  • Any Neo-Nazi
  • Anyone smuggling illegal items
  • Kim Jong Un
  • Abu Bakr Al Bagdhadi
  • Matthew Walker also known as Walker391 (Ban lifted)
  • Javier Trujillo ( Can only visit UNIS Province )
  • Pablo Macias
  • All Andanian Citizens

List of Condemned Nations, Entities, and Groups

  • North Korea
  • Israel
  • Myanmmar
  • Isis
  • Neo Nazi Grouos
  • Westboro Baptist Church
  • Russia
  • Venezuela
  • Iran
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Ku Klux Klan
  • Syria
  • Catalonia
  • Luhansk
  • Donetsk
  • Taliban
  • Anti-Dukian Groups
  • Yemen
  • NRA
  • Cuba

Embassies/Consulates In Duke

  • Kaion Consulate
  • Etrovea Consulate

These Embassies are not owned by Duke and the Ambassadorial Compound main area is owned by the United Micronational Union. Any invasion of an embassy is a violation punishable under Dukian law and whichever embassy was broken into laws. The embassies are not houses. They are big lego structures with the flag of the nation and a a sign. The more allies Duke gets the more embassies get built. These embassies help foster diplomatic relations between Duke and the other nations.