Foreign Relations of Beremagne

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The foreign relations of the Principality of Beremagne are ruled by the Sovereign Prince, and relations are accepted/rejected by the Minister of State. Beremagne, since the foundation give a special attention to the creation of foreign affairs with both Micro, and Macro states.

International Relations of Beremagne


  • FlagofSandus.png State of Sandus, since 2018.
  • LochaberFlag.png Principality of Lochaber, since the February 18th 2018.
  • Fishtown Newport Territory.jpg Fishtown Newport Territory, since the February 20th 2018.
  • Tamopa Flag.png Principality of Tamopa, annexed by Beremagne the 20th of Frebruary 2018.
  • Karniarutheniaflag.png Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia, since the February 21th 2018.
  • Nouveau drapeau.jpg Anacratic Republic of Padrhom since the May 21th 2018.
  • Surland.png Principality of Surland since the May 27th 2018.
  • House of Deherrera since June 2018.
  • Aiken flag.png Duchy of Aiken (State of the Crown of Beremagne) since September 2018.


  • Empire of Sandovia, since February 2019
  • Aiguesmortesflag.jpg Principality of Aigues-Mortes, since 2019.
  • Republic of Saint-Castin, since 2019
  • Principality of Austrasie, since 2019
  • Kingdom of Ruritania, since 2019