Foreign Office (Nedland)

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Foreign Office of the State of Nedland
Tamga of Nedland.png
Established 8 June 2016
Headquarters Palazu
Chief Ambassador Ned Gunderson (de facto)

The Foreign Office is the government body in the State of Nedland responsible for maintaining diplomatic relations with macronations, while its sister organisation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, deals with micronational relations. The goal of the ambassadors is to handle disputes with macronational authorities, report if a citizen or immigrant dies, is seriously injured or is arrested in that macronation, and also to promote Nedlandic interests in their assigned nation. The Foreign Office was founded in 2016 by Ned Gunderson, and was inspired by his similar project in Paravia.


Nedland diplomatic representation.png

There are a few ambassadors currently appointed by the Foreign Office. They are:



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