Foreign Ministry of Richland

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Foreign Ministry of Richland
People's Republic of Richland
424px-Hungary Communist seal 2nd 1957.png
Government Seal

Headquarters State of Polis

Languages used English

President Richard Vincent
Chief Ambassador Marcus Hoffman

Foundation May 25, 2011
Websites [

The Foreign Ministry of Richland was founded to expand the diplomatic relations with other micronations and macronations for the People's Republic of Richland. The leader of the Foreign Ministry currently is Marcus Hoffman, he holds the position of Chief Ambassador. The Foreign Ministry currently only has one embassy which is an online consulate to the Republic of Ultamiya. The Foreign Ministry is currently trying to open Richland's commerce with other micronations.


The Foreign Ministry establishes treaties and policies relating foreign relations. The individual ambassadors also send diplomatic correspondences to numerous micronations.

Recognition Requisites

  • Must have a population over 3.
  • Must have a Democratic process.
  • Must have a serious claim for statehood.

Diplomatic Staff