Foreign Ministry (Florenia)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry overview
Formed30 September 2012
JurisdictionKingdom of Florenia
HeadquartersPalace of State,
Dominion of Afula
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
  • Vacant
WebsiteOfficial webpage

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, often shortened to the Foreign Ministry, is the Florenian government ministry with the responsibility of managing the diplomatic affairs and international relations of the Kingdom. The Ministry was founded under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Act 2012, an Act of Parliament passed on 30 September 2012. The Ministry is headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, or Foreign Minister, currently the Prime Minister.

As a Cabinet office, the Foreign Minister is appointed by and reports only to the Prime Minister. The Foreign Minister may nominate a Deputy Minister, who must be approved the the Prime Minister, to help him or her manage the Ministry to their greatest ability. There is currently no Deputy Foreign Minister.

Foreign relations

Florenia previously stated a policy of complete recognition for all Grand Unified Micronational member states, though this is no longer the case. Florenia recognizes all full members of the United Nations. The Kingdom does not recognize the State of Palestine as a sovereign nation and considers its territorial claims to belong to the State of Israel.

Florenia currently has no strictly uniform policy regarding recognition. However, the Kingdom does not recognize nations that are based solely on any virtual venue. Although the Kingdom has signed treaties with only three nations, the Ministry finds that its diplomatic efforts and relations have not been stalled or inhibited. The Ministry does, however, seek to formalize its relationships through treaties in the near future.

Treaty of mutual recognition

Other recognized nations

Bold text indicates official mutual recognition.