Foreign Affairs of Lytera

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Foreign Policy

Lytera agrees, in principle, to the Geneva Conventions, the UN Charter, the Antarctic Treaty System, the Vienna Conventions, the Outer Space Treaty, the Law of the Sea, the Luna Treaty, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Patent Cooperation Treaty, Seabed Arms Control Treaty, Biological Weapons Convention, the Montreal Protocol, the Kyoto Protocol, the Rome Statute, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Lytera has been in agreement with the GUM Charter since 2019.

Macronational Diplomacy


Botschafters are the Lyteran Diplomats to Macronations. They are considered honorary citizens, as their land is not directly owned by Lytera.

List of Botschafters

Country Name Portrait Resident of In office Appointed by Notes
Flag of India.png India Krishna Mohan Krishna Mohan.jpg Flag of India.png South India 28 July 2019 – present Alexander I, King of Lytera

Informal Relations/Tacit Recognition

Informal Recognition, Severed Relations

Unilateral Recognition

Participation in International Organizations

Micronational Diplomacy

Formal Recognition

Recognised states; no foreign relations

Recognised states; foreign relations

Unilateral Recognition

Does Not Recognize

  • Isis flag.png "Al-Qaeda" and all administered territories
  • Isis flag.png "ISIS/ISIL" and all administered territories
  • Isis flag.png "Hamas" and all administered territories
  • Flag of China.png "The People's Republic of China" and all administered territories