Nation of Fluito

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Nation of Fluito
Flag of Fluito
Coat of arms of Fluito
Coat of arms
Motto: 'Pro Sapientia'
'On behalf of wisdom'
Anthem: 'Fluitan National Anthem'
StatusIn Progress
Official languagesEnglish, Latin
LegislatureThe Board
The Council
Sovereign State
• Establishment of Independence
February 1, 2017
• Estimate
• 2017 census

The Nation of Fluito was officially established February 1, 2017. However the constitution was in draft several months before then. The Nation of Fluito was created by a group of conservatives including, Jarrett Buisson, Chandler Johnson, Jonathan Briggs, and a few others. Jarrett Buisson and Chandler Johnson are current Board Members with Mr. Buisson being the Head Board Member. Jonathan Briggs currently holds the title of Vice Head Board Member.

Fluito has yet to be recognized as a sovereign nation by any world power. However, they are growing in numbers and expect to be a major world power by 2050.