Florian general election, 2017

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Florian Republic General Election, May 2017
← N/A 8 June 2017 December 2017 →
  FlorianDemocrats.png StarlightParty.png
Candidate Stewart Florian Alex Gray
Party Florian Democrats Starlight Party
Popular vote 21 1
Percentage 92.3% 7.7%

President before election

Stewart Florian (Interim)
Florian Democrats

Elected President

Stewart Florian
Florian Democrats


The Florian Republic General Election 2017 is the first general election that the micronation will hold. It was voted in parliament that the election will be held on 8 June 2017 despite Dimitrije Golubović calling the election to be on 13 June 2017 illegally. Two parties will compete for the four seats available in Parliment and the leader of the winning party will be elected as president of the micronation. Campaigns started as soon after the election was called. After the first Florian Republican court session on 11 May 2017, Dimitrije Golubović was banned from running in the election, however, he was reinstated a few days later.


In the election Dimitrije Golubović, was to be banned from running in the election but was reinstated a few days later. Stewart Florian will lead the Florian Democrats, and Alex Gray will lead the Starlight Party.


Stewart Florian has created a manifesto. It is unclear if Alex Gray has.

Opinion Polls

The Florian Democrats is predicted to win the election and claim 90.5% of the vote.