Flags and symbols of The Iustus Republic

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Republic of Iustus has many national symbols, that represent out history. One of these is our coat of arms, In the four quarnors on the shield each one represents one of the provenances, The mountains are East Iustus, The Grain is Ortyad, The Forest is Iustus, and The Water is New Andany. On the middle of the shield is an oak leaf that is a remain from The Kingdom of Ongwanada a now dufunct micronation that used to control Iustus. There are two Native American peoples that represent the first settlers one holding a scale represennting the equality, and another holding a Canadian flag representing our Canadian heritage. There are vines that hold shields of each of the provinces/federal districts of Iustus, and lastly is a banner that has the national motto on it.

800px-Iustus CoA.png

The Iustian Coat of Arms

Another symbol is The Wooden staff, the wooden staff was a stick that was used as a staff my the monarchs of The Kingdom of Ongwanada, The Staff would be used for pointing at stuff, and could be used as a weapon. It represents Our Ongwanadan heritage and the traditions that are still being kept alive.