Flag of the St.Charlian Commonwealth

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Flag of the St.Charlian Commonwealth
Flag Commonwealth StC.png
Name Commonwealth Flag
Use Civil and state flag and ensign.
Proportion 2:3
Adopted May 29, 2010
Design The Flag of St.Charlie in the top left corner, bordered in white. 6 red stars, bordered in white on the right. All on brandeis blue.

The flag of the St.Charlian Commonwealth is the official flag used by and representing the St.Charlian Commonwealth.


The flag consists of the flag of St.Charlie and six red stars on a field of brandeis blue. The St.Charlian flag in the top left corner obviously signifies the central role played by the Federal Republic within the Commonwealth. The six stars represent the five Federations and one Territory which are part of the union, with red symbolising courage and sacrifice. A field of brandeis blue, a shade of azure, was chosen for multiple reasons. Firstly, azure is the national colour of Italy, birthplace of many Commonwealth citizens. Secondly, the colour is similar to the "United Nations blue" and therefore stands for unity. Finally, blue is the colour of freedom, strength and loyalty.


The flag was first envisaged by Minister Heinrich Schneider, creator of the Commonwealth. Initial designs included a white or red background, before azure was settled as the field colour. Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt was responsible for designing the final version of the flag. The flag is expected to change if and when new territories enter the Commonwealth; changing the number of stars and their alignment, but not the general design.


The flag ratio is 2:3 (height/width). Recommended colours are as follows:

Scheme Red Dark Blue Light Blue
RGB 255-0-0 0-0-160 45-85-239
Hex #FF0000 #000066 #3366ff
Flag construction sheet