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The Flag of the NAFM

The flag of the NAFM was created and adopted on the 9th November 2007 when the NAFM was established.

The coat of arms of the NAFM features four stars, representing the member states of the NAFM, while the wreath that surrounds the stars represents the safe guarded interests and values of the member states. It is common to add a new star for a new member.

The red stripe at the bottom of the flag represents equality, white represents peace between the member states and the dark blue represents unity.

Proposal for a new flag

The Principality of Kaznia (the current Chairman state of the NAFM) has proposed a new flag and coat of arms for the NAFM and a vote is currently being held, it will last from until the 30th April 2008. The reason for the change is because of the following:

  • It is hard to make the flag
  • With new member coming it is quite tedious to remake the flag and coat of arms, and then to update all the necessary web pages.
  • It is becoming increasingly hard to find space on both the symbols for the red stars.
The Proposed NAFM flag

The main (only) difference between the current and proposed flags are the symbol they feature. In the proposed flag the symbol is i white circle, the circle has the same purpose as the coat of arms in the current NAFM flag; it represents the unity between each memeber states, however it does not represent each member state individualy as the current flag does, it instead shows the member states united as one. Also, with the proposed flag, nothing is added when a new member joins.

The proposed coat of arms for the NAFM

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