Flag of Delvera

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Flag of the Grand Republic of Delvera
Name National Flag
Use State Flag and Civil Ensign
Proportion 5:8
Adopted July 13, 2016
Design A horizontal tricolor of black, white and red. The bald eagle is positioned in the center.

The Flag of the Grand Republic of Delvera is


The official colors of the flag are black, white, and red, though gold is recognized as a secondary national color.


The flag has special etiquette that should be adhered to when displaying or caring for it.

When displayed with subsidiary flags, it should be raised first, followed by any provincial flags (raised simultaneously or in order of inception if the latter is impossible) and any others (military/territorial banners), signifying that the nation is superior to the provinces. However, when lowered, it should come down first, followed by any subsidiary flags (military/territorial banners) and finally the provinces (in order of inception), symbolizing that the provinces can stand alone.

When removed from a flagpole, the flag should be folded in half twice long-ways, with the eagle’s head never being covered. Then, it should be tricorned ten times beginning from the fly, finishing by tucking in the hoist material. This should result in a black and white triangle. The total of thirteen folds honor Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, and his compatriots, who were burned at the stake on Friday, October 13, 1307. The triangle represents both the Holy Trinity and the three eras of Delveran history.

War Ensign

Stock image of the Delveran War Ensign

The Delveran War Ensign is very similar in appearance to the historic "Old Prussian" national flag. The only differences are its swallow-tail design and the absence of upper and lower black bands. It is treated with the same respect as the national flag, and the etiquette is the same except in the case that it is used as a regional flag, whereupon those rules apply.

The flag is properly flown from warships in the service of the Grand Republic. It is currently used to represent the Protectorate.


The flag of the Grand Republic of Delvera was that of the former Kingdom of Prussia (1701-1918). Originally chosen to meet the criteria of a black and white Germanic flag, in order to conform to the cultural theme of the NottaLottan Empire, and to have the capability to be economically purchased by citizens, it was officially adopted, along with the Prussian Arms, by the Commonwealth of Lavrasia on July 15, 2011. It was carried over to represent the new republic, along with other national symbols, in May 2013. This design was replaced with the current design by popular vote on July 13, 2016.

Perhaps the most famous photo of the "Old Prussian" flag, taken in Lavrada, Lavrasia, 2012