Flag of the Empire of Kapreburg

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Empire of Kapreburg
UseNational flag
Adopted22 January 2019
Designthree equilateral stripes, one dark green on top, orange in middle, and navy blue on bottom
UseCivil flag [1]
Designthree stripes, one big dark green one on top, a slim orange one in the middle, and a big navy blue one on bottom
Variant flag of the Empire of Kapreburg
UseNaval Jack of Kapreburg
Design2 large navy blue stripes, one small gold stripe and pennant in the middle, with the seal of the Navy of Kapreburg on it

The flag of the Empire of Kapreburg is a tricolor flag which consists of a dark green, orange, and navy blue stripe. The current flag was originally adopted in 2015, but fell out of use in 2016. When transforming from a Federation to a Republic, Kapreburg needed a new flag so they chose the old Zek design they had.


  1. This flag is not fully recognized nor used, but is mainly made for maritime use