Flag of Vlasynia

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Flag of the Vlasynian Despotate
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Name The National Flag (Drapelul Național)
Use National flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 09 March 2020 (current design)
24 October 2018 (original design)
Design A horizontal triband of dark blue (top and bottom) and black (triple width) with large yellow borders of equal width to the blue bands, with the Vlăsceanu Coat of Arms centered on the black band.
Designed by Ned Vodă

The flag of Vlasynia (Romanian: drapelul Vlasiniei) is a tricolor with horizontal stripes. The outermost two stripes are blue and envelop two golden stripes which themselves envelop a larger black stripe in the middle, whose height (width) is thrice that of the others. The black stripe in the middle also hosts the coat of arms of the Vlăsceanu Family, which is also the lesser coat of arms of Vlasynia. It has a width-length ratio of 2:3.

Flag and coat of arms

Construction Sheet of the Vlasynian Flag
The State Charter defines the flag's colors' shades as following:
Dark blue (RGB: 0,0,128) (Hex: 000080) (HSV: 240,100,50)
Golden yellow (RGB: 255,215,0) (Hex: FFD700) (HSV: 50,100,100)
Black (RGB: 0,0,0) (Hex:0000000) (HSV: 0,0,0)
The Vlasynian and Romanian State Flags hoisted in Divellis, as a symbol of the bond between the two nations

The Vlasynian flag has two blue bands, one at the top and the other one at the bottom of the flag, a large black band in the middle of the flag and two yellow bands, each one between the black band and the upper blue band, respectively the lower blue band. Also. in the middle sits the Coat of Arms of the Vlăsceanu Dynasty.

The top blue band stands for the Vlasynian sky, the bottom one stands for the rivers, seas and oceans close to the nation. The yellow bands symbolize a bright future for the nation and its people. The black band was taken from the color scheme of the Vlăsceanu Coat of Arms. Also, in the middle of the flag there is the Coat of Arms of the Vlăsceanu Family and it symbolizes House Vlăsceanu (and more specifically, Ned) ruling Vlasynia.

The flag was initially conceived to have the same colours as Romania's flag, despite the fact that Vlasynia's flag has had different shades of red, yellow and blue. When it was changed on 24 October 2018, the red band in the middle was recoloured to black, in order to represent the influence of the Vlăsceanu family.

It has been redesigned four times since its creation. The first time was on 8 January 2018, when the Denisian Divellion was first introduced, alongside darker shades of red, yellow and blue. The proportion of the flag was also changed. The second time was on 9 January 2017, when the initial shades of red, yellow and blue were restored, and the proportions of the bands was again modified. The banner, however, was kept (despite suffering minor changes). The third time was on 24 October 2018, when the central red band was replaced by a black band, the ratio of the flag was changed from 5:9 to 2:3 and the Denisian Divellion was replaced by the Coat of Arms of the Vlăsceanu Family. The fourth time was on 09 March 2020, when the proportions of the horizontal bands were slightly modified, the shade of yellow was changed to a more golden-like aspect and the Coat of Arms also suffered minor changes. On this date the proportions and measurements of all the elements on the Vlasynian flag were standardized for the first time.

On 05 June 2020, the State Flag of Vlasynia was first hoisted, alongside the State Flag of Romania, in the nation's capital, Divellis.

Flag Timeline

Vlasynia First Flag.png Vlasynia Second Flag.png Vlasynia Third Flag.png Vlasynia New Flag.png Flag of Vlasynia.png
First flag of Vlasynia, in use between 15.12.2017 and 08.01.2018 Second flag of Vlasynia, in use between 08.01.2018 and 09.01.2018 Third flag of Vlasynia, in use between 09.01.2018 and 24.10.2018 Fourth flag of Vlasynia, in use between 24.10.2018 and 09.03.2020 Fifth and current flag of Vlasynia, in use since 09.03.2020