Flag of Sirocco

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Flag of Sirocco
Andersonian Flag.png
Use National flag and state ensign
Adopted September 5, 2010
Design Tricolour with one green band to the left, red band at upper-right and blue band at lower-right.

The Siroccan National Flag, also known as the tricolour (en trirfaub in Siroccan), is a tricolour flag used to represent the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco. Comprised of a green bar in the leftmost horizontal third, a red bar in the upper vertical half and a blue bar in the lower vertical half, its design mimics (although unintentionally) the flag of Benin.

The flag's dimensions have never been confirmed and a ratio never set - at present the only measurements are 1,231 pixels by 680 pixels, which when converted to centimeters gives an overall dimension of 20.84cm by 11.51cm.


Scheme Green Red Blue
RGB 0-176-80 255–0–0 0-112-192
Hex #00B050 #FF0000 #0070C0
CMYK 81%–1%-97%-0% 0%–99%-100%-0% 87%–54%-0%-0%