Flag of Roland

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The current national flag of Roland
The former national flag of Roland

The national flag of Roland (Rolandian: The Tricolor Gate Banner) was first used in May 1, 2006 by the now defunct nation of Roland. With a ratio of 18:25, the flag consisted of a Scandinavian Cross. The red stripe represented the blood spilt from any injuries taken in the past, blue represented justice and patritosm while the emerald-coloured stripes represented nature, the future and its eternity. Flag day was celebrated on May 1.


The first flag was invented in 2004 by Daniel with two vertical stripes with a moon. However, this was changed into a tricolor flag of blue, white and green.

The Principality of Daniel Flag

Later, the flag was changed to the Scandinavian cross version.

Flag Protocol

The flag of Roland was to be hoisted on special buildings and during parades. However, to hoist the flag, citizens had to receive permission from the government.


The hoisting of a Roland flag of another shape, dimension, model or color than those regulated by law, or having an improper condition, was a contravention.