Flag of Huro-Atlantica

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Flag of Huro-Atlantica
Jegrÿ seĵ Raptøḥàr
Use National Flag
Proportion 101:62
Adopted January 8, 2013
Designers Marcus Auxilius

Bin Stü'òrd

The Flag of Huro-Atlantica is a Flag that Represents Huro-Atlantica as a Nation. It is Exactly 64.6 inches wide and 39.95 inches tall. The exact dimensions are to Hundredths of an Inch, and the Colors are expressed in Hexadecimal, RGB and HSL Terms.

The Flag of Huro-Atlantica Animated as if it were waving in the wind.


The Two Horizontal Stripes at the top and bottom are exactly 10.65 inches wide (vertically). The Central Stripe is exactly 18.25 Inches Wide (vertically). The Central Star is exactly 14.45 inches Tall and 15.05 Inches Wide. 

The original Design by Marcus.

The Middle Stars are exactly 10.2 inches tall and 11.8 inches wide, and the Smallest are exacly  5.6 inches tall and 6.65 inches wide.

The exact dimensions of the flag of Huro-atlantica


The official Colors of the Huro-Atlantic National flag are as Follows:

  •     #F9E600(RGB=249,230,0 HSL=37,240,117)-Upper Stripe
  •     #0A05DD(RGB=10,5,221 HSL=161,229,106)-Centre Stripe
  •     #FFFFFF(RGB=255,255,255 HSL=160,0,240)-Stars
  •     #F9E600(RGB=249,230,0 HSL=37,240,117)-Lower Stripe