Flag of Hasanistan

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Flag of Hasanistan

Use National Flag
Adopted 7 September 2011
The flag of Hasanistan is the official flag of the Federal Republic of Hasanistan which has been used as the official national flag since its unrecognised declaration of independence from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in 7th September 2011.

The flag of Hasanistan is a vertical bicolour, with the left side being a lighter shade of blue and the right side being red. The colours of the bicolour represent Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, which the country declared its independence from. In the top left corner of the flag is a yellow star and crescent facing to the left, representing Hasanistan's Islamic heritage. The flag is loosely inspired by the flags of Turkmenistan and Turkey.

Other flags

Flag Date Use Description
Government flags
Civil flag of Hasanistan.png 2011-present (unofficially) Civil flag Identical to the national flag, without the crescent and star.
Military flags
Turkey.png 2011-present War flag Identical to the flag of Turkey.
HasaniEnsign.png 2012-present Maritime flag
Provincial flag (unofficially)
Inspired by the naval flag of Azerbaijan. Also unofficial flag of the sovereign military base of Nirn-Terrae.
Provincial flags
BatyrFlag.png 2012-present Provincial flag Flag of the capital, Batyr. Based on the flag of Almaty.
Political party flags
Communist flag of Hasanistan.jpg 2016-present Party flag National flag with the star and crescent replaced with a hammer and sickle. Used by the Progressive Party.
Islamic Party of Hasanistan.png 2014-present Party flag Green flag with a star and crescent in the centre. Used by the Islamic Party. Inspired by the flag of Turkey.
Hasanistan Independence Party.png 2014-present Party flag Flag of Independence Party. Inspired by the national flag.
Historical flags
Flag of UEHM.png 2013 National flag Flag of the failed union between Hasanistan and Mouzilo.
Denizian Flag.jpg 2015 National flag Flag of a failed federation that Hasanistan was temporarily a part of.