Flag of DPR Holland

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Democratic People's Republic of Holland
UseNational flag
Adopted23 May 2019
DesignDark blue with white coronet and branches charged in the centre.
UseCivil flag
DesignA red banner, primarily used during sports or parades.
Variant flag of the Democratic People's Republic of Holland
UsePresidential standard
Designthree strips, two red, the one in the middle, gold. the state emblem in centre.

The flag of the Democratic People's Republic of Holland consists of a red background, with the golden text saying "Independent now and forever" and a hammer and sickle in the centre of the flag. Holland adopted this design that is inspired by a version of the 1924 design of the Flag of the Soviet Union in the 2019 Law about State Symbols.


The flag of the Kingdom of Quebec served as the areas flag until the dissolution of Azarathia in 2019. When Azarathia became apart of Quebec, some places in Holland refused to fly the Quebec flag and continued to fly the flag of Azarathia. Continued use of the flag of the former flag. They decided to make a new flag and it was officially introduced as the flag of Holland in 2019. Confusingly, despite the flag and state emblem, Holland is not a Communist state, its a Socialist republic.


For government usage, only the state flag is valid. Hollish law permits the use of a simplified version of the flag for non-governmental use (personal and commercial usage) without the hammer and sickle and without regard to shape or size. The most common size is still 1:2, but 2:3 versions have also been used.

Democratic People's Republic of Holland
UseCivil flag, second national flag
Adopted23 May 2019
DesignThree horizontal bands of white, blue and red, based on the flag of the Russian Federation.

White-blue-red Tricolor

Flag of the Soviet Union (12 November 1923 or 12 April 1924 — 18 April 1924) is what the DPR Holland flag is inspired from.
Flag of the Kingdom of Quebec, used in some areas not controlled by the DPR Holland.

In 2019 the People's Assembly discussed a proposal to replace the civil flag (plain red) with a new flag, carrying three horizontal stripes in the colours white, blue and red, being almost identical to the flag of the Russian Federation, but with different aspect ratio (1:2 instead of Russia's 2:3). The primary reason for the second flag is that it indicates Holland's desire for closer ties with Russia. In a vote, 10% of Hollish people voted in favour of increased association with Russia. The new flag would be used alongside the current state flag. On 24 May 2019, the Hollish People's Assembly passed a motion making the new flag Holland's second official flag.

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